Summer Collections 2012

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

I’m not a big KStew fan, she’s just a little too awkward for me in and out of character, but I’m quite buzzed about Snow White and The Huntsman although I was envisioning a little Skarsgard as the huntsman, that would be nibbling goodness for the entire fandom.

I did see the Raven on Friday, off topic, and was kinda sorta disappointed but did love how they wrapped the mystery of Poe’s death into the film. Cool!

What Summer flicks are you really excited about?

One other for you, Savages, cannot WAIT to see it. I LOVE me some Aaron Johnson! Plus I really enjoy Don Winslow so it’s nice to see his works coming to the screen.

But about Snow White and the Huntsman…Benefit takes on the film with the Rare Beauty Kit that features a lovely little makeup bag and some goodies to get you into a Snow White frame of mind face.

Take a look!

Do you need it?


Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Rainforest Makeup Collection Summer 2012

I can’t remember the last time I saw BE doing a new makeup set. Lately, their releases have gotten a little techie due to their new pressed format.

So it’s always pleasant when they go back to their roots.

Anyone up for a little Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Rainforest Makeup Collection?


Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow

$h*t that makes me laugh, “Dog’s That Look Like Game of Thrones Characters“.

You gotta love it…

As for serious makeup stuff, I really want me some Charlotte Ronson Starry Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow, I’m not laughing ’bout that.



KATE Eyeshadow Primer Base Summer 2012

I’m currently seeking out a new eyeshadow primer as I’m swearing to the primer Gods above that Urban Decay Primer Potion’s formula has changed. It just doesn’t work for me anymore and the formula feels utterly different.

That said…

I’m seeking out something new and Japanese Brand KATE’s new Eyeshadow Primer for Summer 2012 sounds like a good place to start.


Philosophy Shower Gels for Summer 2012

Here are a few of the new Philosophy Shower Gels popping up for Summer 2012.

Yes, please, I’d love the Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker Shower Gel but I’m kinda sorta on a shower gel ban. *hangs head in shame* I have too many to get through, can’t buy more, bad Muse!

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