Winter Collections 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Duo Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil Set

Just can’t get enough of Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners? These cult favorites come in a variety of vibrant shades with a creamy, easy to apply formula is it any reason they are so popular?

Haul ’em in two and three packs at a lower price with these new gift sets from Urban Decay!

Check it!


Lorac Cream Eyeshadow Collection

I never need an excuse to place an order at Ulta but the Lorac Cream Eyeshadow Collection seems like a great excuse to place one.

I need this set in my life, it’s $12 and oh so different for Lorac.



MAC Metal-X Cream Shadow Collection

Phew so sorry about bombarding you with the sale posts today but there were so many crazy deals I definitely wanted to share and save you some money! I got a majority of my Christmas shopping done online thanks to all the great deals that started popping up from Thursday up until today! Plus Macy’s Friends and Family is coming up shortly, this is a great one since it doesn’t have as many exclusions as Macy’s regular coupons do so most everything is on sale during the event. I’ll give you the heads up when it officially launches should you wish to indulge.

None of my Cyber Monday posts contained affiliate links, just wanted to get that out there since some people are curious if they are clicking a direct link to a site or a commissioned ones. Mine are all free from affiliate links and I’ll, of course, warn you if any posts I do contain any! The Tarte sale post does contain a tracker of sorts that basically shows where incoming traffic is coming from but this is NOT an affiliate link.

Do share your hauls and great deals with me. I scored some great boots and shoes from the Material Girl Collection for my sis. Hauled pretty hard at Lush, again, for my sis but sadly no Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals outside of their $10 Gift Card offer…boo! Loungefly had a super coupon last week so I ended up hauling alot of gifts from there for friends and my sis. As for me, I did a major Sasa haul as they had some great BOGO offers on facial masks. I grabbed up alot of other goodies from a variety of other shops, seriously the deals were crazy this year, more so than last year.

I feel rather terrible about the amount of online shopping I did as it doesn’t do any favors to poor retail shops and the people that work in ’em :( but it sure is awful convenient to just click and wait for it to arrive at your door step. No hassle!

Anyway… that Cyber Monday is drawing to a close it’s about time we start talking about makeup again! I think the upcoming MAC Metal-X Cream Shadow Collection is a great place to start!



Stila Loves BP Palette is this Love That I’m Feeling?

It’s official I likey the Stila Loves BP Palette!


the Balm Bambini Palette Vol. 2

Guess what?

the Balm Bambini Palette Vol. 2 has launched today.

I don’t have the first volume but I remember lusting after it when it originally launched.

Volume 2 includes:

  • the Balm Promisculous Pearl (Highlighter/Shadow)
  • the Balm Jinxy Jasmyne (Shadow/Liner)
  • the Balm Open to Offers Olwen (Shadow/Liner)
  • the Balm Lavish Latoya (Shadow/Liner)
  • the Balm Strawberry (Lip/Cheek Stain)
  • the Balm Nude (Lipgloss)

Both Volume 1 and 2 are available now for $28 each at