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Jill Stuart Brightening Eye Cream Review

Jill Stuart Brightening Eye Cream has been apart of my daily AM regime for several months now. I purchased it in the hopes it would brighten up my tired eyes but not necessarily rid me of dark circles.

Imma tell you, if you’ve been searching for an eye cream that will rid you of dark circles just give up. It doesn’t exist. Dark circles are best concealed not treated. Seriously.

Jill Stuart Brightening Eye Cream doesn’t technically address dark circles but does promise to hydrate eyes and “improves the luminosity” of the skin under your eyes.

What does it really do?


Skin Food Potiron au Lait Eye Cream Review

Listen up dry eyes…! Winter is coming! Time to moisturize well! Moisture is key to flawless looking concealer. You should be apply a daily eye cream in the AM and a richer one in the PM to restore moisture to drier eyes so your concealer will look fresh and beautiful.

No one loves creasing, fading, uneven concealer and that’s exactly what you’ll end up with if you’re skipping prepping well with a proper eye cream. With the cooler weather creeping up I tend to rotate my eye cream to a richer formula and NO one does richer, moisturizing eye creams better than Skin Food.


NARSskin Total Replenishing Eye Cream Review

NARS Skin Total Replenishing Eye Cream ($55) is one of several new skin care products that NARS recently introduced. This launch includes some new products as well as some that have been reformulated.

Of course, I was highly interested in checking out the eye cream considering it’s my next biggest addiction with concealer being my number one.

Let’s take a look and see if this eye cream passed my tests.


Skin Food Salmon Brightening Serum Review & Swatches

Skin Food Salmon Brightening Serum is one of those products that I feel like I don’t need. I already own the Salmon Brightening Eye Cream why I need a serum as well is beyond me.

But here’s the deal…!


Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

My review of Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream is LONG over do. I introduced many of you to the powder and concealer ages and ages ago but never followed up with a review of the eye cream and eye serum.

I guess it got away from me. The Salmon range is one of the most successful products I’ve tried from Skin Food. Both the concealer and powder are HG products for me as is the eye cream.

Let’s take a peek!