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My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask Review

My Beauty Diary kinda took the French pastry route with one of its newer, limited edition collections. One of the pieces of the collection included Grey Tea & Macaron Facial Sheet Masks.

The mask supposedly contains essence from earl grey tea, honestly, earl grey probably runs through my veins already instead of blood since I drink so much of it so I probably don’t need a mask with more of it.

The mask promises to illuminate and clarify to ease dullness.

Does it work?



Review: Seikisho Mask White for Removing Skin, Hair, & Clogged Pores

No joke on that title…

Anyone who’s ever used the Seikisho Mask White knows that exact feeling when you first yank that bad boy off your face. It not only pulls away gross ick from your pores but it’ll also take hair and skin along with it. I’m thinking it would make an ideal pick for bikini waxes…! Kiddin’, kiddin’!

Ouch dude, ouch!

But it’s the best thing in the world for those with clogged pores!



Love More White Crystal & Platinum Whitening Lift Facial Mask Review

Love More is a Taiwanese series of Facial Sheet Masks done up in the style of My Beauty Diary. Lately, there’s been a steady flow of similar facial masks from Taiwan in that “cutesy” my Beauty Diary design to appeal to not only an older market but a younger one as well.

The gimmick or marketing behind Love More is the 3D mask design which features a lifting performance in six directions of your face.

Let’s take a look at the White Crystal & Platinum Whitening Lift Facial Mask.

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Princess Carnival Fuji Sakura Brightening Mask Review

The downfall of many of my beauty purchases, great packaging. Damn…it’s the packaging that gets me every time.

In the case of Princess Carnival Facial Sheet Masks I fell rather hard for the cute packaging but sometimes packaging is the only awesome thing about a product.



Face Q Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 Facial Sheet Mask Review

Face Q makes a range of full facial sheet masks that wrap around your neck that I am really enjoying. However, I am finding that their normal range is a very frustrating as I keep experiencing tears when I use them!

Recently, I popped open a box of Face Q Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 Sheet Masks and really enjoyed them but the tearing around the nose area happened yet again!


Here’s a few thoughts about them!