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Latest Obsession: Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail Review

So I think I’m actually part of the club now. I’m not entirely sure but I think CVS likes me. Prior to this past month anytime I walked into a drugstore within the US I heard Angels weep. I was actually scared the place would crumble down around my head after passing the threshold. The Muse does not do drugstore makeup and/or skincare. But so many new items have been popping up that have made me curious so I do venture in time to time plus so many of you expressed wanting affordable makeup reviews that I couldn’t simply ignore what you requested. So indeed I’ve been heading to CVS the past month….but the club…

Well I got some sort of coupon in the mail because they have this like extra card thingy that gets you bonus bucks kinda like the Boots Reward Card, not as good mind you. Anyway they sent me $5 off anything in the store via an e-mail so I guess this means I have an in now, I’m part of the secret club, coupons and all!

No seriously I did get the coupon so I did decide I might as well spend it. I ended up hauling Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail with the coupon. Mind you not because of the formula but because it looked so pretty, literally like some fancy cocktail, it just needed a little paper umbrella and I’d say it was downright tropical.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail 3

Have a jump to see why it’s my latest obsession!


SkinFood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop Essence Review

Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop Essence 1

I swear most bloggers (and perhaps readers too!) would look down their noses at me for reviewing skincare within a week or two of testing it out but that’s how the Muse rolls.

In all seriousness my skin is like a bulletproof vest. I can pretty much test out anything and not break out. I imagine if I took to slathering acid on my face I’d probably be quite alright. That’s just how my skin is. So of course I do declare that I can pretty much get a feel for a moisturizer within first use. I can make a snap decision on the spot if I love it or if I hate it after first use.

My experience with Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop Essence was a quickie I love you, I can’t live without you situation.