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Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap Review

Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap

Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap ($14.50) needed to come home with me because I am utterly obsessed with the candle version.

It’s all creamy vanilla bean, caramel, and whipped cream deliciousness! Mmmm! SMELLS so damn good I want to eat it. Needless to sat I promptly got to stockpiling the candle because I said in the past when the zombie plague hits there won’t be any electricity. And if I’m gonna have to sit around in the dark it would be AT LEAST nice to have some super smelling relaxing candles to do so with.

Anyway, I was delighted Winter Vanilla Latte was available in a shower gel and a hand soap. I got to purchasing the hand soap on the quick!


Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer Review & Swatches

Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer

Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer ($23) is a limited edition shade launched with the Guerlain Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection. This gorgeous dark plum is a sexy little shade with a metallic finish that makes a dramatic statement.

Have a look!


Dior Diorific Frimas Vernis Review & Swatches

Dior Diorific Frimas Vernis

Dior Diorific Frimas Vernis ($26) is a shade I’d typically past by as it looks a bit uneventful at first glance! But inside this shade you’ll find tiny bits of golden shimmer that really morphs the color which in turn create a festive and elegant nail loo!

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Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two Review & Swatches

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two

Chromes, metallics, creams, confettis oh my! The Formula X for Sephora the Twenty Two Set of you guessed it, twenty two mini nail lacquers includes a slew of gorgeous hues in a variety of finishes for all the good nail girls and boys out there this Holiday season!

If you’ve been yearning to try out the newly launched Formula X for Sephora Collection here’s your chance to do so at a value price with a variety of shades and finishes to play with. This set has it all, literally!

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Lush Smitten Hand Cream is Back and YOU NEED IT!

Lush Smitten Hand Cream 1

Shut the hell up! Lush Smitten Hand Cream is back?