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Twilight Beauty Nox Twilight Nail Polish

Nox Twilight Nail Polish 1

Twi-harders, I know you’re out there even if you’re way to ashamed to admit your status in our little club. If anyone brings up Eric Northman in this post, you shall suffer the wraith of the Muse. Naaa just kidding Eric is hot and stuff (lick-able as well!) but let’s keep on the topic of the delightful little Edward Cullen for the moment. This is not Team Eric or Team Bill and for the record I’m on Team Lafayette, girlfriend is all kinds of hot, but about Twilight….

Twi-harders and nail enthusiasts can jump knee deep into the new Nox Twilight Nail Collection.



Bath and Body Works Fresh Market Apple Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap: Bath and Body Works Fall Collection 2010

I’m used to Bath and Body Works popping up pumpkin shaped hand soaps for the Fall however, much to my delight, and surprise, I noticed apple shaped ones are popping up this year!

Have you seen!?

So cutes!


In The Mood Color Changing Nail Polishes

Let me tell you, novelty in beauty is so my thing! Could be fun, could be corny, could even be immature, so long as it’s novel, I’m on it. I seen these cute as hell In the Mood Color Changing Nail Polishes and I got all kinds of giddy about ‘em.

Not a nail girl here….but oh I heart these hard!



Ulta I’ve Got the Denim Blues Nail Set

I’m so not a nail girl but my toes are really liking the sweet little Ulta I’ve Got the Denim Blues Nail Set ($10).



Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change

Sephora by Opi

Even though I’m NOT a nail girl I’m terribly silly and spent the better part of 20 minutes of my busy work day playing around with the Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change.

God what a time waster.

Have you tried it?

I dunno if the swatches are true to life but just sitting there and trying out shades while making the nails shorter and longer made my day all the more exciting, I know, I must lead a dull life if this stuff excites me. Shrug, what can I say? I’m easily aMUSEd (get it? ha!).

If you have a few minutes to burn or you’re as easy to entertain as me you can check it out at www.sephora.com

Have fun!ave fun!