Lush Cosmetics Gorgeous Moisturizer Review

As I blogger I tend to test WAY too much makeup, skincare, fragrance, and beauty bits and bobs. One thing I never did get into testing was skincare. For a very long time, I avoided trying out new lotions and potions because I always blamed my great skin on Lush Cosmetics and was quite happy with my skincare regime from them.

About a year and a half into my adventures on Musings I started to testing way too much skincare from various brands. I was switching up my moisturizer, my toner, and just about everything else. I dunno what prompted me to cheat on Lush when I was so very die hard, faithful to them for such a long time……

Last month I realized that I needed to embraced my Lush again because my skin just wasn’t looking as great as it did when I was using it. Dullness, oily forehead, and even tiny break outs on my jaw line were some of the problems I had been experiencing after leaving my beloved Lush behind.

Although I’ve shared with you my secrets of Lush in the past, I’ve never really sat down and reviewed the items I’ve spoken about in past posts and I think that needs to be changed right now.

Because everyone should about the joys of great skin care.

Jump ahead to learn about my HG (holy grail) moisturizer from Lush!


BeautyDIY Spearmint Fresh Hydrating Gel Review

Hey there, Hi there.

So we all know I really dig on mint right? Now I really love mint in my skincare which is somewhat unheard of because hey I imagine mint would be considered a little irritating on your face but I happen to have bulletproof skin and nothing phases me!

A few weeks ago I reviewed BeautyDIY Spearmint Oil-Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel and this week I have BeautyDIY Spearmint Fresh Hydrating Gel to review for ya.

Check it!


Urban Decay Summer Collection 2010: Urban Decay Guardian Angel Spray Moisturizer Review

‘ello loves!

How’s the world treating you today?

I’m great aside from this silly weather which is really warm one day and really cold the next, not cool, not cool at all. I’m also quite excited about the 11th making his reappearance on Saturday. w00t! Can’t wait! Tickin’ down the minutes and hours until the chaos begins.

I’ve been playing around with the new Urban Decay mists this week. Anyone else haul ’em?

Jump ahead for my review on the Urban Decay Guardian Angel Spray Moisturizer.


Beauty on a Budget: Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer Review

Hey chicklets!

Happy “Almost” Weekend!

OMG it’s cold today! All week we had this incredible weather and now the cold is back. The irony of sitting in my office on a beautiful day and proceeding to have cold weather on the weekend is NOT lost on this Muse, I’m Miss Grumpy Pants today thanks to the weather.


Cheap-o moisturizier coming atcha today!

Read my Freeman Beauty Superfruits Facial Moisturizer after the jump!


Kevin Beautymaker Vin Vin Morning Hydrating Gel Review

Shrug, sometimes you have to give in and just buy the pretty pink packaged skin care….

It’s a girl thing.