Nails Inc. Best of British London Nail Polish Collection

Nails Inc. Best of British 10 Piece London Nail Polish Collection

For today only my nail polish loving friends you can get the Nails Inc. Best of British London Nail Polish Collection which includes three exclusive shades in the US for a mere $32 from

The link above actually will lead you to a post featuring nail swatches as well should you need a little helping hand deciding if you need these or not.

This gorgeous box set contains a selection of lovely polishes named after iconic locations in London! The set includes six full size bottles as well as four mini ones for a complete collection of ten!

Each shade in this collection was carefully selected to create the perfect wardrobe of colors you can wear all year.

You get:

  • The Thames (cool gray shade)
  • Porchester Square (mushroom nude)
  • Jermyn Street (classic taupe)
  • Lower Regent Street (deep cerise pink) (Exclusive to QVC until October)
  • Tate (classic red)
  • Great Marlborough Street (deep plum) (Exclusive to QVC until October)
  • Upper Brook Street (deep metallic navy)
  • Westminster Abbey (gold metallic shimmer) (Exclusive to QVC until October)
  • Chelsea Square (rose gold glitter)
  • Electric Lane (silver holographic glitter)

If you want it, you have to grab it now as the price is only good for a few more hours!

Get it at

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Dude, have I ever lead you wrong? You seriously need to try this stuff. As a hardcore fan of Lush Dark Angels and Coalface and of course, MAC Volcanic Ash I was all about it as soon as I heard “Charcoal”. Seriously, my little beauty radar begins to bleep whenever I hear charcoal. It’s been programed to do so thanks to Lush who turned me onto the joys of charcoal in my skincare!

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Slay me, I die.

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