Baviphat Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack Review

Baviphat Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack, y u so damn kawaii!

I have such a thing for skincare packaged in fruit shaped jars.

What the hell is wrong with me?

You can’t even really take skincare serious that’s shaped like a lemon right?

But…but…it’s so damn cute!


Talika Eye Therapy Patch Review

Talika Eye Therapy Patch are an interesting little product that promise visibly smoother eyes in 30 minutes. They treat darkness, puffiness, dryness, and fine lines during application..

But do they REALLY work?

That’s a big job to tackle in 30 minutes.

Let’s find out!


Musings of a Muse: Has Your Skincare Regime Changed with Age?

(This photo is over ten years old shhhh don’t tell anyone k?)

I never thought I’d run into the day when I noticed myself obsessing over anti-aging skincare. It’s just not something you think of in your early teen years or early twenties.

I think around mid-twenties you start really concentrating on the issue but sometimes you get lazy, you’re concentrating on your life too much, and you’re just not really paying attention even than.

It really depends what sort of skincare person you are. As I’ve run into many people that are quite young and already putting energy into developing the best regime for their skin even now to prevent aging in the future.


My Beauty Diary Snail Mask Review

My Beauty Diary Snail Mask is probably my favorite sheet masks from the brand. I have a TON of favs but for my drier skin this is really a tried and true favorite for getting my drier skin in order.

Take a look!


Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector Review

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector is one of three dark spot corrector treatments that Kate offers in her skincare collection. There’s a daily moisturizer, this overnight moisturizer, and also a dark spot treatment to use along with the other two.

I’ve actually been using and testing all three out since I purchased them back in December during a Friends and Family event that Kate had. I’m a strong supporter of Kate’s exfoliator but I’m not particularly keen on her skincare as my experience with her products hasn’t been fantastic.

I decided to wait patiently to indulge in her dark spot moisturizers and correctors until a sale knowing my track record with other products I tried from her as her products aren’t exactly cheap.

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector is $70 for an a 1 oz tube so my reservations are probably understandable.

Let’s take a look!