Pitari Sweat Super Cooling Cream Review

I’m off to California in a few weeks and I’m busy packing up bits and bobs I’ll need for my short trip. One of the items I’m taking?

Pitari Sweat Super Cooling Cream, ya know, for warm California days.

Don’t ask about the sweat bit….but this stuff is interesting.

Check it!


Beauty Most Unusual: Bootie Babe Nail Polish

I’m tempted to say do you want a piece of ass with your nail polish but I’m being good…oh, wait I already said it!



100% Pure Cherry Honey Facial Scrub Review

I swear that 100% Pure Cherry Honey Facial Scrub looks like a beer with a head. Seriously? Doesn’t it?

Anyone every try it? It’s a tasty little facial scrub to get your skin smooth.

Let’s check it out!


Lush British Skin Nanny

Anyone remember Skin Nanny?

I kinda dug it!

Lush British Skin Nanny is a new moisturizer that features an SPF.



Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream

Miracles happen everyday…

I’m hoping for my skincare miracle to happen soon!

Perhaps Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream will be my skincare miracle?

Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream is the newest scientific innovation from that promises to give you the power to look up to 10 years younger. I’ll take those odds anyday!

Avon scientists partnered with Italian researchers to discover a link between the “Youth Gene” and skin. Avon believes that youth could be something that starts with our genes thus they created Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream which captures the “youth gene”.

In 4 weeks Anew Genics improves the appearance of discolorations by up to 100% plus dramatically reduces the look of wrinkles (results will vary).

In honor of the company history of first-to-market leading-edge innovation Avon has a few contests going on at the moment that you can join in on!

Fans can enter Avon’s sweepstakes from September 6 – October 5 at AvonProductsInc Facebook Page for a chance to win “smart prizes.” For 30 days, a Daily Winner will receive a full size product of Anew Genics Treatment Cream. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a full size ANEW Genics Treatment Cream, a 16GB Apple iPad and Apple iPhone with a total value of $686!

For one day only, on Be A GENEius Day (September 15th), Avon is swarming the internet with a BE A GENEius Re-Tweet campaign. Simply re-tweet the hashtag #beagenius along with the phrase “I’m a GENEius because….” for an opportunity to win ANEW Genics Treatment Cream for you and your friends! Make sure to include the hashtag #beagenius in all re-tweets!

To purchase Anew Genics for yourself ask your Avon rep or visit to order online!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.