Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change

Even though I’m NOT a nail girl I’m terribly silly and spent the better part of 20 minutes of my busy work day playing around with the Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change.

God what a time waster.

Have you tried it?

I dunno if the swatches are true to life but just sitting there and trying out shades while making the nails shorter and longer made my day all the more exciting, I know, I must lead a dull life if this stuff excites me. Shrug, what can I say? I’m easily aMUSEd (get it? ha!).

If you have a few minutes to burn or you’re as easy to entertain as me you can check it out at

Have fun!ave fun!


Gossip Girl Nicole by OPI Collection: Yay or Nay

Spotted, Upper Eastenders wearing Gossip Girl inspired nail polish by OPI.

Do we really need nail polish inspired by Gossip Girl?  Probably not but the novelty is too much for my feeble little mind to not enjoy plus I want to be the one that names these suckers.  I’d name ‘em, “I’ve been Chuck Bass’ed” and stuff like that because hey I wanna be Chucked Bass’ed, who doesn’t?

Gossip Girl Nail Collection?

Yay or Nay?



Shills Hydrating Nutrient Mask Review

Need a little extra moisture in your life? A hydrating mask could help. I’ve tried some really outstanding ones from Asia that really deliver on the moisture promise.

The most recent I tried is the cheap as chips Shills Hydrating Nutrient Mask.

Check it!


Fragranced Nail Polish Remover Wipes

No one likes the smell of nail polish remover….

Ok, maybe that’s a lie, I can totally get high on the scent of nail polish remover, but who wants the migraine when you’re coming down from your trip….


Essie Addam’s Family Nail Polish: Essie Morticia’s Nails

Last week I seen the Addam’s Family Musical, fun times. Who doesn’t want to take a perfectly macabre, Gothic family and mix them up with Broadway style singing and dancing because after all that makes them REALLY scary right?

Who better to know fashionably chic nails than Morticia, Essie knows how trendy she is so they gave her a collection, all her own!

Jump ahead if you’re dark, dank, goth, or simply a great lover of nail polish!