Etude House I’m Blooming Brightening Wash-Off Gel Review

Etude House Im Blooming Brightening Wash Off Gel Cleanser

Etude House I’m Blooming Brightening Wash-Off Gel Cleanser is one of the last skincare products I purchased from the I’m Blooming Collection that recently launched in Korea. I have to say the I’m Blooming Cleanser and I’m Blooming Mists weren’t all that big a deal for me. Not sure what I expected from this collection but what I got was a little boring and uneventful!

Perhaps the Brightening Wash-Off Gel changed my mind?


Banila Co Tea Party Tea Capsule Mask Pack Review

Banila Co Tea Party Tea Capsule Mask Pack

I came across the rather cute indivdual Banila Co Tea Party Tea Capsule Mask Packs recently on Sasa and decided to purchase a few. They are awfully priced at $2.90 each! Considering boxed facial sheet masks are $8-$10 for 10 or more masks I find it cringe worthy that a small cream/liquid facial mask are near $3 each!

But they were cute and they had Tea Party in the name and and I’m a skincare junkie!

How could I resist?


Ciate Chalkboard Manicure for Summer 2013

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Set

The new Ciate Chalkboard Manicure brings back memories of chalkboards and chalk from school. Eating chalk (yeah, recently a reader confessed to me she ate chalk! What?!), scratching your finger nails against the chalkboard, slapping together too erasers to create puffs of smoke, drawing on the chalkboard, writing I will not eat chalk on said chalkboard….ha…

No seriously, though chalkboards bring back all sorts of childhood memories. I think at some point they’ll become obsolete and kids won’t experience the joy of a good old fashion chalkboard, chalk, and an eraser. Ipads will replace them I imagine or some sort of digital board. Heck it’s already starting to happen.

Ciate’s new Chalkboard Manicure brings back all the joys of that age old chalkboard with their new manicure set.


Y.E.T Snail Fix You Ampoule Review

Y.E.T Snail Fix You Ampoule

Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) Fix You Ampoule is a product I’ve already reviewed however, I recently tried out the Hyaluronic Acid version of this ampoule but also decided to try the snail version as well.

The Ampoule comes in three different formulas and I felt these two addressed my drier skin issues so they were purchased together.

Take a look!


Rimmel Cocktail Color in a Flash Nail Polishes Summer 2013

Rimmel Cocktail Color in a Flash Nail Polishes

Rimmel Cocktail Color in a Flash are a collection of limited edition nail polishes launching for Summer 2013 exclusively at Walgreens locations.

This range of nail lacquers includes five shimmering shades ranging from lime green to orange and darker shades of navy and purple.

More photos after the jump!