Yes to Coconuts Eczema Relief Spray Review

Yes to Coconuts Eczema Relief Mist

So I recently purchased Yes to Coconuts Eczema Relief Spray ($9.99) at Target. Now I should this review by saying I don’t technically have eczema?! Or at least I don’t think I do…..I had my yearly physical in May and got my flu shot last month and I told my Doctor’s both times that I was having this scaly try itchy upper chest thing going on. Around the base of my throat and upper chest I had a seriously bad itchy thing going on! I noticed that the skin would me patchy a little in this area, red, and had an almost scaled over appearance. I assumed it was Eczema related but having never had the issue before I wasn’t sure.

Both times I told my doctor and he said to use Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream. It sure did help with the itching for a few hours but it would return quickly after and I’d be itchy yet again.

I was going to head to the dermatologist but I discovered Yes to Coconuts Eczema Relief Spray prior to that and I must say this helped A LOT!


Banila Co Clean It Zero Review

Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box7

Banila Co Clean It Zero is a nice like switch up from cleansing oil! This is a balm makeup remover that breaks down into this beautiful texture as it whisks away dirt, oil, and makeup.

Take a look!


Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub Review

Lush Santa Lip Scrub

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub makes a return for a limited time with the Lush Christmas/Holiday 2014 Collection.

This delicious cola flavored lip scrub is soooo tasty and has tiny little edible red hearts in the mix! Hmm better for Valentine’s Day me thinks? But needless to say perfect for Winter when my lips are at their driest.


Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair 2 in 1 Eye Cream & Concealer Review & Swatches

Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Eye Cream

Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair 2 in 1 Eye Cream & Concealer is a new brightening eye cream and concealer duo that comes housed in one pot. I love the idea of products that kill two birds with one stone! This not only preps eyes for concealer but also COMES WITH it’s own pot of concealer so you can smooth on your eye cream and pat some concealer into place right away to hydrated, treat, prep, and conceal eyes in one go.


Memebox Special #45 Chocolate Mania Unboxing

Memebox Special 45 Chocolate Mania Unboxing

I think the Memebox Special #45 Chocolate Mania was my first Memebox purchase and I JUST GOT it this week! I only paid $23 plus shipping ($6.99) and this one was a great box because it’s filled with 8 full size products.

All the items inside are chocolate themed as you may have guessed from the name and much of it was skincare in nature. A lot of my Memeboxes have one too many skincare products inside but I didn’t much so much with this box since everything smelled so yummy.

Funny thing, I dislike chocolate scented fragrances and such but I like chocolate scented skincare so I was kinda hyped about the contents of this box!

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