Summer Collections 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection Review and Swatches: Gloss Fluo De Chanel Brilliant Lip Shine Pop and Laser Review and Swatches

When I think of electrolytes I automatically think of brightly colored sports drinks a la Gatorade. I imagine if you took a big bottle of Gatorade with you when you go spelunking it could lead the way into those dark nooks and crannies.

When I go spelunking I tote along Chanel Brilliant Lip Shine in Pop and Laser, they glow in the dark you see.

Chanel Brilliant Lip Shine Pop and Laser 7



Take A Look Inside This Beauty Book: Target Spring/Summer Beauty Collections Look Book

Yesterday I had the pleasure of “virtually” flipping through the Target Spring/Summer Beauty Collections Look Book. As soon as I opened it I knew I had to share it with you guys, who better than my fellow beauty junkies to share the love with!

Click the “book” cover below to begin your journey through the collections that will be featured at your local Target this Spring and Summer.

Target Beauty Book

Happy “Reading”!

Def do comment on what has your eye at Target! Visit for more info on the products featured!

Update, a few folks had a problem loading this so I’ve taken the liberty to update the post with the photos from the book.

Take the jump for the peek!


Urban Decay Summer of Love Collection: Urban Decay Summer Collection 2010

Urban Decay Summer of Love Collection

It’s a cruel, cruel summer…

Ha, Bananarama remember them? Brit invasion!

Wait, scratch that, it’s a COOL, cool Summer! Thanks to Urban Decay Summer of Love Collection.

Imma a love you Urban Decay!

Check out the Urban Decay Summer Collection 2010 after this jump because we so have to discuss this collection together!

I’m also giving you some of my virtual money to spend on UD Summa 2010!


The Body Shop Summer Collection 2010: The Body Shop Nomadic Goddess

A little sneak peek at The Body Shop Summer 2010 courtesy of Helena at Lipgloss Bitch.

The Body Shop Summer 2010 5

Jump it!


Lancome Summer Collection 2010: Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection

Lancome Summer Collection 2010 4

Oh isn’t the Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection turnin’ into something special! Imma a likey this!

Lancome Summer Collection 2010 5

Be lavished in shades of gold and bronze that jet you away to the beautiful places and faces of the Riviera. The most luxurious elements of nature all come together now to create this summer’s hottest color collection—with pops of pink to add a happy play of color to any look.