the Balm Girls Lipstick Swatches

the Balm is releasing their new Balm Girls Lipstick shortly. This is a range of six full color lipsticks with a James “Balm” theme.

Take a look!


the Balm Girls Lipstick in Ima Goodkisser

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the Balm Girl Lipsticks

Always wanted to be a Bond girl?

I wanted to be Kissy Suzuki. No great surprise right? Mie Hama who played the character was such an incredibly beautiful woman.

I’ll tell ya what’s better than being a Bond girl though, being a Balm girl.

the Balm Girl Lipsticks releasing mid November from the brand are a pigmented, conditioning lipstick in stealthy packaging that will fit in even the smallest makeup bag!

Chose from:

  • Amanda KissMyLips (sheer maroon berry)
  • Anita BoyToy (cool pink frost)
  • Mia Moore (rich creamy red)
  • Mai BillsBePaid (velvety nude)
  • Ima Goodkisser (soft shimmering coral)
  • Foxxy Pout (bold metallic bronze)

Which Balm girl are you?

I can’t wait for these!

Be on the look out at


the Balm Timebalm Skincare Sets at TJ Maxx

Thanks to a reader who sent in this photo of the Balm TimeBalm Skincare Sets that she saw at TJ Maxx.

She says the sets are $30-$45.

From her image it looks like each set comes with two or three products each.

What a super value.

Be sure to check your local TJ Maxx!


the Balm Timebalm Dandelion Brightening Moisturizer Review, Swatches, Photos

As you know the Balm has gone all out with a new range of skincare that’ll knock your socks off. They pretty much covered anything and everything you’d want from skincare.

Toners, eye creams, serums, moisturizers…you name it, the Balm’s Time Balm Skincare Collection has it.

I’ve been testing out a few of the products and so far I like what I see.

I’ve been dabbling with the Balm Dandelion Brightening Moisturizer and here are my thoughts!