the Balm En Root Hair Spray Review

the Balm En Root Hair Spray

I admit I haven’t used hair spray since high school but the Balm En Root Hair Spray could possibly change my mind! Just saying hair, loads of bangs, and a ton of hair spray were all the rage in my high school years and so was dying your hair with kool aid, stuff like that really happened. Although as I recall Sister John was none to happy with those of us that dyed our hair outrageous shades using liquid powder drink mix.

Sometimes you have to look back on your younger years and think WHY!?

Needless to say I wasn’t terribly tempted to try out the Balm En Root Hair Spray, I thought I left the need for stiff, crunchy hair behind…


the Balm En Root Conditioning Treatment Mask Review

the Balm En Root Conditioning Treatment Mask

Repairs a-head for your dry, lazy hair with the Balm’s new En Root Conditioning Treatment Mask ($15). the Balm’s new En Root Haircare Collection includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners, hair care products, and this new deep conditioning treatment mask to get your hair soft, silky, and smooth.

Take a look!


the Balm Instain Sneak Peek

the Balm InStain

Oooo I know you’re excited about the Balm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush. I haven’t tried it yet, been testing it this week and so far so good.

I love the Balm’s blushes anyway so Instain looks like it’s going to be a hit.

Take a peek!


the Balm 50% Off Sale Starts Now


Go, go! the Balm’s 50% Off Sale Starts now! From today until tomorrow 10PM EST at

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Have fun!


the Balm Sale Extended


Via the Balm’s Facebook Page:

We are so sorry our website crashed!

The great news is, our 24-hour 50% off celebration has not yet begun! didn’t expect such a huge influx of orders and we underestimated the number of our dedicated fans while overestimating the capacity of our server. We’re currently upgrading our server and are told that once it’s functional we’ll be able to accommodate everyone. We are expecting this to be within the next few days and we will announce our launch here, on Facebook. Any orders placed today that received a confirmation email will be honored. If you have any questions please email us at!
Thanks again for your patience and understanding.