Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Red Bpal Fragrance Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, creator of obscure, unique fragrance oils, launched a Fraggle Rock Perfume Oil Collection a few months ago. I’ve been reviewing the collection for you the last several weeks and came across some fond Fraggle-y fragrances in the collection.

I’m old enough to remember when Fraggle Rock was on HBO and quite have fond memories of watching it (as an adult I even have the DVDs, should I admit that? Probably not!).

Red was a Fraggle I loved to hate. On one hand her positive, perky personality was quite inspiring but did you ever notice she had a slight case of bi-polar? Seriously, girlfriend was happy and energetic one minute and sad and dishearten the next. Poor, confused Fraggle.

At least her fragrance isn’t all over the damn scale.


Dior Cherie Bow Palette for Spring 2013

Here’s a little glance at the darling Dior Cherie Bow Palette ($80) for Spring 2013.

My hand is still shaking coming into contact with it so I haven’t yet swatched. I have a case of beauty vault syndrome still. Ya know, where you want to tuck your palette into a safe spot and never, ever use it and or allow it to see the light of day!?

Yeah, well, my beauty vault is filled with untouchables but I promise myself that I WILL use the Dior Cherie Bow Palette at some point.


the Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette Sneak Peek

the Balm’s new Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette is available for pre-order at and he is HUGE…wow…that sounded slightly dirty.

Honestly, it was unintentional!

But seriously, this palette is mega big…three times the size of the original!

Take a peek!


Josie Maran 5 Piece Nourishing Argan Care Package Upcoming Shipment Colors & Information

Just a reminder the Josie Maran 5 Piece Nourishing Argan Care Package is available on QVC and launches as the Today’s Special Value for January 18th.

This set is available as a one time shipment or an auto delivery option. Here’s the news on what the upcoming colors are if you decide to go with auto delivery on this set!

Take a look!


Adam Levine K-Mart Clothing Collection

Seriously? Adam Levine is getting his own K-Mart (or Sears) Clothing Collection along with Nikki Minaj. I freaking love Adam Levine but what could his clothing line possibly have in it? Wife beaters in a rainbow of shades? Let’s face it the man perfected the Wife Beater.