L’Oreal Project Runway The Temptress’ Gaze Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

Geeks, the BH blog has been updated and with this image. I want to lick the screen in excitement! Dunno who looks better, Michael or Damien!

They tried to make Hal go to rehab and he said no, no, no!


You’re welcome.

And with that how about we chat a little more L’Oreal Project Runway today? In particular the The Temptress’ Gaze Quad I’m wearing today!

LOreal Project Runway Eyeshadow Quad The Temptress Gaze

Take a look!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Wembley Fragrance Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Wembley

As you know Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab released a Fraggle inspired collection of fragrance oils recently. Not familiar with the Fraggles? OMG! You’re missing out. YouTube them, promise you’ll love them. They just don’t make children’s entertainment like this anymore.

I was excited to say the least when I heard the Lab was teaming up with the Jim Henson Company to create not only Fraggle blends but also Labyrinth ones. I’m curious if at some point they’ll do a Muppet Collection or even a Dark Crystal one (how awesome would that be? Doctor Bunsen Honeydew would obviously smell amazingballs right?).

I recently reviewed Gobo for you and I thought that Wembley would be the perfect follow up to that review since he is Gobo’s BFF.

P.S. Congrats to my reader Michou. She wrote me today to say she got a job and today’s her first day. She was unemployed for a little bit so it was with great happiness, joy, and relief that I read her e-mail today! I hope you’ll join me in wishing her much success!

Take the jump for my review.


Bath & Body Works Lambie Returns for Holiday 2012

Bath Body Works Lambie 2012

Unconfirmed news since I haven’t seen it in store myself but several of my reader’s have e-mailed that there are new Lambie Slippers available at Bath & Body Works.

Praise the Lambie Lords!

You know from many, many, many of my past posts that I absolutely adore Bath & Body Works Lambie Collection. The slippers, the socks, the blanket, and the plushes…! All of them have a guest starring role in my own stash. Although it’s ridiculous I’ve hauled every single lambie blanket that Bath & Body Works released since they launched Lambie.

It’s just so soft and plush and gorgeous! Plus all the items made great gifts.

Needless to say when I heard of these sightings I was super excited. I must get to my local store soon. Nothing online yet but I’ll be sure to blog it when I do hear or see more.

Anyone find Lambie at their store?

It’s about time as it’s been at least two years since Bath & Body Works suddenly stopped doing the collection!


Coach Poppy Lipgloss Collection

Coach Lipgloss Set

Ahem…do want Coach Poppy Lipgloss Collection please and thank you so much.

Not only is this Ulta Exclusive set a collection of five lipglosses from Coach but it some of the proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.


  • Shell
  • Ginger
  • Coral
  • Pink
  • Rose

I love the Poppy fragrance and just think this gloss set is darling!

Available now at Ulta.com


They killed off Mark Sloan? Now who the hell is supposed to be the resident slut at Seattle Grace.

My hospital drama life is over. Is it be hug time now? Because I need one! Oh well, if I’m honest, I was bored with him anyway! It was all about McBaby last season and a hell of a lot less McSteamy!



Slatkin & Co. Holiday 2012 Candles

Slakin Co. Holiday 2012 Candles Bath Body Works

I just did a major Fall Candle Haul and now Slakin & Co. and Bath & Body Works have launched some of the new Holiday 2012 Candle Collection.

*head desk*

Does it every end?

I want some of these NOW!