Sephora Pastel Pop Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Sephora Pastel Pop Eyeshadow Palette 13

The Sephora Pastel Pop Eyeshadow Palette blinded me with sparkle recently. This sweet little palette is topped with eight shadows with matte and sparkle finishes.

At a glance I thought it was the ideal solution for me to enjoy mattes with my favorite finish, sparkle. I know, I’m kinda defeating the purposes of matte if I’m adding sparkle on top but gimme a break, I’m so anti-matte.

Take a peek!


QVC and CEW Present Beauty with Benefits

Join QVC and CEW this evening for the Beauty with Benefits premiere broadcast tonight, Thursday April 25th @ 9PM EST, for two hours filled with charitable makeup and beauty. QVC and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) have teamed up to create an even that will feature 15 prestigious beauty brands across many categories with net proceeds benefiting Cancer and Careers. Cancer and Careers benefits both men and women who are battling cancer and balancing their work and careers at the same time.

Brand such as Clarisonic, Bare Escentuals, Strivectin, Tarte, and Laura Geller are scheduled to be featured during this evenings QVC and CEW Present Beauty with Benefits broadcast with QVC offering a gift with purchase that includes sample plus shipping and handling with be offered at no charge.

Indulge in great beauty while helping to benefit Cancer and Careers this evening and even better still take part in the Cancer and Careers Instagram. Simply take the photo below and share it Instagram with hashtag #beautywithbenefits and QVC will donate $5 oer photo to Cancer and Careers (up to the first 500 Instagram photos).

QVC and CEW Beauty with Benefits

Or tweet your support @QVC using the the #beautywithbenefits hashtag!

Visit the QVC and CEW Beauty with Benefits landing page at

The above link is NOT an affiliate link.

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Jill Stuart Jelly Blush for Summer 2013

Jill Stuart Jelly Blush Summer 2013

I’m looking forward to the Jill Stuart Jelly Blush release for Summer 2013. These cream blushes launch in Japan this week (April 25th) and quite remind me of Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Color and I suspect they might be a very similar jelly-like mousse texture.

I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Take a look!


Sephora Color Token Eyeshadow Collection for Summer 2013

Sephora Color Token Eyeshadow Collection

If you’re looking to spice up your shadow wardrobe with color this Summer, Sephora’s new Color Token Eyeshadow Collection is a cheap way to do so.

This vibrant shades of shadow have a metallic kick to give eyes a super sultry, vibrant wash of color for the warmer weather ahead.

Take a look!


Dior Miss Dior Silky Soap

Miss Dior Soap

Shut the hell up has there always been a Miss Dior Silky Soap ($25)? If so, I didn’t know about it! I actually happen to have a love/hate relationship with the Miss Dior fragrance and at the moment I’m currently loving so of course, I want soap scented like it.

*raises both hand* Uhhh..but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than ten bucks on soap…..

I WILL own you Miss Dior Soap! Pack your bags and get in my shower!

Available now at

Or I might chicken out, buy a bar of Ivory Soap, and carve “Miss Dior” into it. I can trick myself into believing it’s the real thing…weirder things have happened in my shower.

P.S. That sexy bitch Patricia Quinn is in Lords of Salem. I knew the accent but for the life of me could not place the face until the freaking credits rolled and needless to say me jumping up and down in the theater pointing at the screen and saying “That was Patricia freaking Quinn” had everyone around me looking puzzled. What the hell do these people live under a rock?

P.S.S. She’s over 70…WHO knew?!

P.S.S.S. You know Rob is thinking what a MILF she is right? He has that “I’d do her” look in his eyes!

Patricia Quinn