Too Faced The Return of the Sexy Palette Gets Japanese Eyeshadow Formula Down Right!

Too Faced The Return of the Sexy Palette Fall 2012 2

The newly launched Too Faced The Return of the Sexy Palette is incredible my dear Japanese and Asian Eyeshadow lovers.

You NEED it.

I know many, many of you are fond fans of KATE eyeshadows. Who isn’t? These are soft, sparkly, almost cream-like in texture with a beautiful finish on eyes.

Much to my delight with the Return of the Sexy Palette, Too Faced has launched an innovative new formula to the US market that evokes the spirit of Asian eyeshadow. This is like no eyeshadow we have here launched in the Western market. It’s fabulous they have revamped the formula. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the original formula in there big o’ box of shadow palettes but I think we all crave variety when it comes to beauty. Those fantastic Shadow Boxes they have released consecutively for the past several seasons are in my stash and I love them dearly. However, I am very pleased with a launch of something new. And new and exciting comes in the form of The Return of the Sexy Palette.

Too Faced The Return of the Sexy Palette Fall 2012 1

Not everyone is going to be happy with this change but those of us who absolutely adore the texture and formula of Japanese Eyeshadows will be very pleased with this one.

I’m testing it out this week and so far it’s been a pure joy to work with.

Review on the way!

But Asian Eyeshadow fans, do keep your eyes on this one, it’s lovely.

Tried it already?


Do share!

Available now at at Sephora and


The Body Shop All-In-One Blusher Review & Swatches

The Body Shop All In One Blusher 1

The Body Shop All-In-One Blusher $16 is a newly launched blush available in eight shades. Don’t quote me but I believe these will take over the current blush line.

Allow me to rant for a moment if you will….

Ouch on the $16 dollars.

I don’t mind dishing that much for a mid-range brand but a little shave off of the price wouldn’t hurt Body Shop. Although they do offer a BOGO if you buy two that will slash the price per blush down to $12 each. But I really don’t want to be forced into a two blush purchase….

Is it worth $16?


Bath & Body Works Cosmetic Bag Set From Paris With Love

Bath Body Works Cosmetic Bag Set From Paris With Love

Damn my friend Sam for pointing this out! I didn’t notice this adorable Bath & Body Works Cosmetic Bag Set From Paris With Love ($12.50) until after placing my order this morning.

How freaking cute is this?

It’s three essential bags with a little Parisian flare! Loves it.

Obviously have to go back and order this now as I haven’t seen it in store!

Do Want!

Available now at


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloweenies 2012

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloweenies 2012 1

Fall is so here for me today. I’m busy stocking up on home fragrance today and I’m also delighted, absolutely delighted to share with you the fact that the Lab’s Halloweenie blends have launched

Praise Jebus!

Many of you are familiar with my love of BPAL but those who are not and simply love Halloween must race over and take a peek at some of the new (and old favorite) fragrances they have introduced for Halloween/Fall 2012.

These fragrance oils come in 5ML glass alchemy bottles and are quite potent. Each scent is utterly unique and really evokes the start of Fall for me.

I just did my haul this morning!

I got:

Jump ahead for the entire collection!


Bath & Body Works Slakin & Co Candles 2 for $20 Plus 30% Off Your Order

candle sale

Christ on a Pogo Stick! Best deal every for you this morning. Bath & Body Works Slakin & Co. Three Wick Candles are on sale for 2 for $20 with $1 shipping using promo code LABORDAY25.


There’s more.

If you’re doing a massive order, skip the $1 shipping, and use promo code F126497 to get 30% off your total of $30 or more. This is the code I used because I ordered eight candles. Shipping was $4.99 so I still ended up saving a nice hunk of $$$!

Shop it at

Have fun!

Feel free to share your haul in the comments!