DKNY Sweet Delicious for Spring 2012 DKNY Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime, Creamy Meringue

DKNY Sweet Delicious for Spring 2012 DKNY Pink Macaroon Tart Key Lime Creamy Meringue 1

Oh DKNY you slay me!

Your new Sweet Delicious Collection for Spring 2012 includes scents like Pink Macaroon, Key Lime, and Creamy Meringue!

You have my heart.

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Sue Devitt Day & Night Neutrals Eye, Lip, & Cheek Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Sue Devitt Day Night Neutrals Eye Lip Cheek Palette 7

Sue Devitt your new Day & Night Neutrals Palette is my BFF. Let’s exchange break apart heart key chains, go to the mall to hang together, and call each other every night to gossip, k?

I just lurve you that much.

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Bonne Bell Paul Frank Lip Smacker Collection

Bonnie Bell Paul Frank Lip Smackers 4

I’m such a glutton for cute makeup.

What was that old Toys R’ Us song? “I don’t wanna grow up…” Indeed, I’m such a child at heart and cute, kawaii beauty crushes my heart and soul every time.

That’s why these new little Paul Frank Lip Smacker goodies have my heart at the moment. I’m reliving my youth where collecting every single Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in existence totally made you too cool for school!

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QVC, Where You At?

qvc come home

QVC is a little slow on the beauty front lately and I miss them.

Last year, was one auto delivery color collection after another. I couldn’t keep up! Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Laura Geller, Mally…just to name a few.

Plus a SLEW of early releases that we wouldn’t see until late Spring and even Summer.

They’ve been a little slow though lately.

Where you at guys? I appreciate the break but come home, come home!

I need my beauty fix.

Whatcha think?

Are you a QVC fan girl?

I’m going to start singing “Come home, Come home” and replace Snoopy with QVC.

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How Exactly Does Bobbi Brown Come Up with the Names for Some of Her Products?

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair

I sometimes wonder who names my favorite lipstick or my favorite product….I mean do they hire one specific person to name an entire line of lipsticks?

“Hey here’s our newest lipstick line, name these k?”

That would be my dream job.

Like who named NARS Orgasm, Orgasm? Or Super Orgasm?

Although I was thinking some glamorous lady with a corner office and an incredible view of Manhattan was sitting behind her ultra chic desk thinking up names for products….

That isn’t actually the case!

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