Gift Idea: Liplicious I Love Twisted Peppermint Lipgloss Set

YOU need to gift friends and family with the joy that is the Liplicious I Love Twisted Peppermint Lipgloss Set ($18.50). This festive lipgloss set houses three full size Twisted Peppermint flavored Liplicious Lipglosses.

You’ll get Bath & Body Works cult favorite Twisted Peppermint (vanilla with swirls of peppermint) Lipgloss as well as two exclusive flavors in this set! Exclusive flavors include Twisted Peppermint Cocoa and Twisted Peppermint Berry which are only available in this set and not sold alone.


Lush Sandy Santa Review

The weather has been mighty mild around here but it doesn’t have me fooled. That’s why Sandy Santa is tucked safely in my bath and body drawer. JUST in case that cold winter weather comes blowing in I’ll be at the ready with Sandy Santa’s exfoliating powers!

Let’s take a look!


Benefit All-Star Kits for Spring 2013

Benefit Spring 2013 consists of three new All Star Kits for lips, cheeks, and face that include essentials for creating a flawless face look.

These boxes of goodness are becoming the Benefit norm lately. They prove a perfect way to try a little of everything from the brand without having to commit to a full size however, if you’re already a Benefit fan girl they could be a bit repetitive if you already own many of these goodies.

Take a look maybe there’s one kit you’ll HAVE to have!


Bath & Body Works Liplicious Gold Flawless 24K Lip Illuminator

Wow, Bath & Body Works Liplicious Gold Flawless 24K Lip Illuminator is a five dollar upgrade from the original lipgloss and comes in an LE packaging ready for gift giving.

Ready for something new and exciting from Liplicious?


Tarte Friends & Family 2012 30% Off Coupon Code

Tarte’s Friends and Family Sale starts today! Enjoy 30% Off your order using promo code FFDEC and get free shipping on orders of $40 or more at starting today and ending on December 15th.

Happy Haul-a-days!

P.S. Are you read for the Doctor? Yup, totally different character, sure..a ha…we believe you Moff!

P.S.S. Barrowman’s now on Arrow. I’m positive the skies over England are falling without him. For serious.