Hard Candy Poppin Pigments Review & Swatches

Hard Candy Poppin Pigments

Hard Candy has a new collection of Poppin Pigment vials that launched for Spring. Like I freaking need more pigments. At one time in my makeup life I had to have every SINGLE shade of MAC Pigment every made. I have a drawer completely dedicated to them. This is why I avoid…ABSOLUTELY avoid mineral makeup. Because I cannot control myself when it comes to loose pigments in an array of gorgeous colors.

I see them on Etsy, I browse Meow Cosmetics, and all those other E-tailers and suddenly I go into WANT mode. Want mode is kinda like a rabid animal. Foaming mouth, wild hair, bugging eyes, and a credit card. It’s so bloody dangerous! People could get hurt!

Reader’s always ask me, “Hey, why don’t you cover indie makeup brands and minerals?” Because I HAVE NO CONTROL. I’d be broke trying to collect all the shades these people put out. And forget about the fact they do collections as often as MAC does. Someone HOLD ME I’m starting to get twitchy.

However, I do have some room in my stash for Hard Candy Poppin Pigments and thankfully they have irritating packaging so I’m not inclined to go traipsing through the Walmart aisles pushing people aside so I can grab all eight shades.


Sonia Kashuk Spring 2013 Target Collection

Sonia Kashuk Spring 2013 Collection

The snow is falling and it’s cold outside but the Sonia Kashuk Spring 2013 Collection available at Target is keeping me warm today!

Sonia Kashuk Beauty has received a makeover for Spring 2013 and has a ton of new products, revamped favorites, and incredible offerings for the Spring season.

Time to refresh your make bag with Sonia’s newest offerings re-outfitted in new black palettes and compacts.

Take a look!


Pacifica Skincare and Makeup Coming to Target

Pacifica Skincare Target

Pacifica Good Karma Skincare and Makeup is coming to a Target shortly. You may remember Pacifica’s Bath and Body Care Collection and their wonderful line of fragrances.

Well, Pacifica appears to be reinventing themselves this Spring 2013 with a selection of new skincare and makeup products that will be available at Target. The line even includes a BB Cream!

Take a look!


Benefit World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever Review & Swatches

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever

If the warmer Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Palette from Benefit wasn’t your deal no worries the cooler Benefit World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever may be for you!

This fine selection of smoky purples will illuminate eyes with a glamoruous twist!

Take a peek!


NP Set BB Cream Review & Swatches

NP Set BB Cream

BB Cream lovers take a glance around your local Target next trip as NP Set BB Cream is popping into stores just in time for Spring.

This BB Cream contains antioxidants like ginseng root extra and vitamins A and E with an SPF 30 to protect skin.

Take a peek!