MUA Makeup Academy Love Heart Lip Balm Review & Swatches

Love Heart Lip Balm is a cute little £2 potted lip balm slash lip gloss from British brand MUA Makeup Academy. Available in six shades each little pot is like a conversation heart for V-Day featuring cute little sayings on the cover like “Hot Lips” or “Sweet Kiss”.

Each pot ranges out at around $3 dollars and change but I got it far half off thanks to a recent Facebook Sale. Actually they have a great deal right now for 40% Off your total should you want to grab some goodies as they do ship to the US.

Let’s take a look at the Love Heart Lip Balm!


Bare Minerals Hot to Trot Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Set Review & Swatches

Here’s another of my favorite gloss sets for the Holiday season, Bare Minerals Hot to Trot Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Set! This fabulous set contains six shades of Bare Minerals newest lipgloss, Marvelous Moxie in a gift set for a mere $25. This is one of two color variations that Bare Minerals released for Holiday 2012 and is one of the better gloss sets out there if you’re indulging for yourself or as a gift.

Take a look!


Mally Beauty Holiday Slimline Lip Gloss Library Review & Swatches

I HAVE tons of gloss set favs this year but hands down, the best one I tried is the Mally Holiday 10 Piece Slimline Lipgloss Library. Please, for the love of beauty, GET it.

You NEED this.


Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Palettes

Looks like Wet n Wild and Black Radiance have the same distributor as these new Eye Appeal Shadow Collection Palettes look MIGHT similiar to Wet n Wild’s ColorIcon Palettes….!



Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Mokey Fragrance Oil Review

Another day, another Fraggle Rock Perfume Oil review from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Today’s scent, Mokey. As you know the Lab has created eight fragrances inspired by the 80’s show from Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock.

Although Gobo is the leader of the pack I’ve always though of Mokey as the unofficial leader and caregiver of the Fraggles. She’s kinda older and wiser and acts as a mother and guidance counselor all in one. When someone is sad, worried, or having a perplexing problem (seriously, how problematic can it be being a Fraggle? That life must be cool as hells!), Mokey is typically there to offer advice, a friendly hand, and an ear.

Let’s take a look at her fragrance.