HadaLabo Arbutin Whitening Essence Review

Dull skin?

Show of hands?

Me too.

I’m constantly looking for ways to brighten my skin up or even whiten it further for that matter so I’m always up for trying Asian potions and lotions to do so.

Arbutin is actually a successful way to brighten and lighten skin if you have, oh, a few years to spare.


Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Mini Brush Review

So what’s your brush situation like?

Got any room in your stash for the new Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Mini Brush Set?

This cute little flip open case contains four Bobbi Brown essential brushes and room to tuck your favorite Bobbi Brown Palette inside (ahem the Desert Twilight Eye Palette fits perfectly inside, just sayin’).


L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator Review & Swatches

Official song for BB Creams released in the US, another one bites the dust.

L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream is another fail of a BB Cream that’s marked up to $18 at drugstores at the moment, yes, that’s $17.99 plus tax.

You can imagine my review of the new L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator isn’t going to be a good one so brace yourself.


Clinique Happy Summer Spray Review

Ohhh sometimes I get a feeling! A happy one! Clinique Happy Summer Spray gives me that feelin’!

Elizabeth Arden Sunflower and Clinique Happy were my first big girl fragrances when I was in my teens. If you’re as old as I am, I bet they were yours too.

If you’re still a lover of Clinique Happy, I happen to be, you’ll adore the fact that they revamp the formula and give it a little lighter freshness for Summer.

Let’s take a look at Clinique Happy Summer Spray.


MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadow Collection MAC Illustrated Collection

I’m eager for info on the MAC Nordstrom Exclusive Collection, Illustrated to be released already!

MAC Illustrated is coming up this July as the traditional Nordstrom Exclusive and featured a newly reformulated Big Bounce Eyeshadow collection. Now I hated Big Bounce on the original release, it was such a mess of a product so I’m willing to get burned once more and see if this reformulation actually gets it right (why am I doubting it so soon?). The problem? All shade shades are a frost finish.

Take a look!