Revlon Scented Treats Nail Polish Collection

The new Revlon Scented Treats Nail Polish Collection should be popping into your drugstores soon for a limited time.

Take a look!


Would You Buy It? Sisley Confort Creme Lip Balm

If I’m going to spend $72 on a lip balm I’d appreciate it if you spelled comfort right….

Only kiddin’!

Sisley Confort Creme Lip Balm promises to treat cracked, dry, chapped lips in a jiffy but the price….

That’s debatable.

Would you buy it?


Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

Bare Escentuals extends its Prime Time Foundation Primer with a new Oil Control formula for Summer (ya know, when your forehead gets so oily your friend is asking you to lean down so she can apply her lipstick in the mirror-like shine that is your skin!).

Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer is a new formulation of Prime Time that offers a silky, smooth canvas for makeup to adhere to while combating excess oil, absorbing shine, and minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

This one is a great pick for oily or sensitive, problem-prone skin.

Available now at

P.S. It’s hump day! Party!


Do You Need A Helping of Retinol with Your SPF in the Morning? Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment

I dunno if I technically need a retinol treatment with an SPF. I’m getting to an age where a retinol is an important part of my skincare routine if not to keep the wrinkles at bay but to give my duller skin a much needed perk up.

A retinol treatment with SPF?

Mmm I dunno.

But Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment is just that.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze is Boring, Where’s the New Seasonal Collections?

Dear Body Shop,

Is everything ok?

I really liked the Honey Bronze Collection last year. It was an absolute joy of a release but how come we have to have it again this year?

Remember when you introduced cool seasonal collections that had products like the RoseFlower Blush? Or how about that awesome Smoke & Fire Collection from Fall a few years ago?

Seasons have come and gone and your makeup collections seem to be far and in between lately…and the ones you do are a little, don’t be hurt, meh!

How about we do something exciting for Summer?


Looking forward to your return to glory!

Talk soon!

the Muse

Le sigh…dontcha miss The Body Shop’s brilliant little makeup collections?

Have they been a little slow going lately in the cosmetic realm or am I the only one feeling that way?