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I’ve been trying to get some Holiday shopping done the past few weeks. How about you?

  • Done!
  • Hells no, I wait till the last minute.
  • I’m getting there.

I fall into the “I’m getting there” click. This morning I hauled azz over to Lounge Fly to order a few of the new Hello Kitty Embossed Totes as my sister as well as four of my friends have this on their wish list and I was delighted, actually, erase that, so damn excited that they are having 20% Off! I saved so much money on my purchases as each of the damn bags is $70 dollars plus I wanted to get matching wallets.

Amen for awesome sales!

I know it’s not beauty but if you’re looking for a unique tote or bag as a gift you can save 20% using promo code LFFALL on purchases of $50 or more at www.loungefly.com



Mally My Favorite Things 12 Piece Collection with Gift Bags

Mally My Favorite Things 12 Piece Collection with Gift Bags

My friends and family aren’t terribly into makeup or at least not as crazy, foaming at the mouth wild like I am but I think many of them enjoy a good beauty purchase here and there. I love gifting beauty around the Holidays, it’s just fun gifting some new, brilliant palette to a friend and kinda enabling her/him to the joys of a brand she or he never tried before. I particularly have fun with my sister who isn’t a big makeup person but still enjoys it (just not as much as me).

Are you gifting beauty this year?

Might I suggest the Mally Beauty My Favorite Things Collection?

Check it!


Laura Geller All-Stars Color Collection

Laura Geller All Stars Color Collection

Laura Geller has an upcoming QVC Today Special Value that QVC Beauty Insiders can take advantage of already. Not an Insider? No worries, it’ll air as a Today’s Special Value December 31st.

Take a look!


Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Smoky Eye Collection

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Smoky Eye Collection

Ah the smoky eye…I can’t seem to pull it off anymore, dude, I look all kinds of tired when I try it. Le sigh! It’s old age.

But if you’re a traditional smoky kinda girl you’ll love the Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Collection available on QVC.



Stila Making Spirits Bright Palette Macy’s Exclusive

Stila Making Spirits Bright Palette Macys Exclusive 2

I’m just saying, I wouldn’t say no if Stila decided to do a Muse Exclusive Travel Palette. I’d love being immortalized as a Stila girl in all my geektastic glory.

I’m free, schedule is wide open here if you wanna contact me….I have a ton of creative ideas for my palette…anyone? Anyone at all?

Moral of the story?

Everyone but ME (and maybe you) has a Stila exclusive palette this year. The Stila Making Spirits Bright Palette is a Macy’s Exclusive one and dare I say I wants it.