EOS Everyday Hand Lotion Berry Blossom

EOS Everyday Hand Lotion Berry Blossom

It’s about damn time.

EOS makes an amazing hand lotion in my humblest opinion
, never leaves my desktop however I’ve always been the first one to bish about the fact that they don’t do it in any other scents outside of a cucumber and a fresh scent.

I’ve yearned for a mint version, perhaps a Summer Fruit one? Neither of my dreams have come true in that arena but hey, how about the next best thing?


Bobbi Brown Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum Review

Bobbi Brown Bobbis Party Eau de Parfum

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bobbi’s new Party Parfum but I was thinking along the lines of Lush Snowshowers or perhaps a little Philosophy Bubbly, you know, sparkling, effervescent…that’s my thoughts of a party fragrance!

Turns out Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum is none of those things but it is interesting and quite unique to say the least.

Let’s peek it!


Mark On The Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact Review, Swatches, Photos

Mark On The Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact 5

Nude girls gather round, that sounded a bit perverse but you know what I mean…all the ladies (and lads) that enjoy themselves a nude look with a little flair will adore the new Mark on the Dot Eye Color Compact which features nine shades of metallic eyeshadows in an array of nude, natural shades of brown, plum, and taupe.

Shall we have a look?


Stila Loves BP Palette Nordstrom Exclusive

Stila Loves BP Palette Nordstrom Exclusive 1

Stila has collaborated with Nordstrom and their Junior Department house brand, BP, to create an exclusive Travel Girl style palette.

Take a look!


Meow! by Katy Perry Fragrance

Meow by Katy Perry Fragrance 1

The Katy Perry Purr Perfume was probably the highlight of my perfume life when it released. Seriously, adorable bottle right? Plus I generally enjoy Katy, she’s sweet, cute, talented, and she hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet (that’s saying something as I get annoyed easily by celebs).

In reality, no offense Katy, Purr just stunk to high heaven. It so wasn’t me. Did you smell it? What did you think? It was a big nay for me.

But no worries Katy has a new fragrance on the horizon and it may be exactly what I’m looking for!