Do You Need A Helping of Retinol with Your SPF in the Morning? Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment

I dunno if I technically need a retinol treatment with an SPF. I’m getting to an age where a retinol is an important part of my skincare routine if not to keep the wrinkles at bay but to give my duller skin a much needed perk up.

A retinol treatment with SPF?

Mmm I dunno.

But Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment is just that.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze is Boring, Where’s the New Seasonal Collections?

Dear Body Shop,

Is everything ok?

I really liked the Honey Bronze Collection last year. It was an absolute joy of a release but how come we have to have it again this year?

Remember when you introduced cool seasonal collections that had products like the RoseFlower Blush? Or how about that awesome Smoke & Fire Collection from Fall a few years ago?

Seasons have come and gone and your makeup collections seem to be far and in between lately…and the ones you do are a little, don’t be hurt, meh!

How about we do something exciting for Summer?


Looking forward to your return to glory!

Talk soon!

the Muse

Le sigh…dontcha miss The Body Shop’s brilliant little makeup collections?

Have they been a little slow going lately in the cosmetic realm or am I the only one feeling that way?


My Beauty Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub Review

My Beauty Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub why you so cute for?

My Beauty Diary introduced this little face peel a while ago but I never got around to reviewing it. Lucky enough they continue to release cute little skincare products here and there which I’m loving as they originally started out as a line of facial sheet masks only.

The brand is Taiwanese so not readily available at your local CVS but it’s easy enough to locate online for fairly close to retail prices as well as in smaller Asian beauty shops if you live in a heavily Asian populated neighborhood or city.

Let’s take a peek!


Sleek Makeup Eau La La Liner Swatches

Sleek Makeup Eau La La Liners have launched recently and are available in 20 poppingingly vibrant shades (look mom, I created a word).

Here are a few swatches.


Korres Cheek Butter Review & Swatches

Korres is releasing three shades of Cheek Butter shortly. Although I’ve never thought about it, I think somewhere in my subconscious I’ve always wished for some sort of cream blush from Korres.

Wish no further, granted!