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MAC Packed to Go Palette

in MAC

MAC Packed to Go Palette 002

I feel like packing and going.

It’s Monday, I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I feel like I need another vacay.


Closet I can get is the MAC Packed to Go Palette.



Steal This: TokiDoki Vanita Mirror

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 002

The TokiDoki Vanita Mirror is available at Sephora and Sephora.com right now for $15.

I recently purchased one of these at the sale price and I’m pretty darn impressed. The mirror is a heavy metal design and features a Tokidoki etched design on the cover with a regular mirror on one side of the compact and a magnified mirror (3x) on the other side.

You can choose from the following designs:

  • 24 Karat
  • Kabuki
  • Kaiten

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 003

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 004

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 001

Very well worth the haul!


Bobbi Brown The Tailored Collection

Bobbi Brown The Tailored Collection

Bobbi Brown The Tailored Collection is an exclusive palette set available now at Neiman Marcus.

You know I love me some Bobbi so I was ever so curious about this new set.

Take a peek!


geoGirl GR8 Lip Shine Review, Swatches, Photos

geoGirl GR8 Lip Shine 001

geoGirl is a new line of cosmetics launching at Walmart (it’s already available at some Walmart locations) for Fall 2011. This collection will actually be replacing the old Mary Kate and Ashley Cosmetic Collection and features natural ingredients and is free from parabens. The line is meant for 8 to 12 year old girls (tweens) but there are a few pieces that might capture the eye of older makeup junkies.

I personally loved the Kewl Magic Face Refresher and I’m no where near that age group ha!

Let’s take look at the geoGirl GR8 Lip Shine.