Avon Anew Skin Transforming Primer

Avon Anew Skin Transforming Primer could be one you want to add to your Fall makeup line up.

This is a new primer from Avon that has a few extras…



100% Pure Cherry Honey Facial Scrub Review

I swear that 100% Pure Cherry Honey Facial Scrub looks like a beer with a head. Seriously? Doesn’t it?

Anyone every try it? It’s a tasty little facial scrub to get your skin smooth.

Let’s check it out!


Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

Counting down here…

Two more eppys before the season finale of Who.

What do you think will happen?

And most importantly what did you think of The God Complex?

I loved the homage to The Shining. I’m a huge fan of the novel and the entire creepy Outlook Hotel vibe in The God Complex was wicked.

What did you think was in the Doctor’s room? Personally I could have sworn a cloister bell sounded when he opened the door. I think he was confronted with his deepest fear when he opened the door, himself…!

Anyone catch that he ate an apple in the episode? Maybe I’m reading too much into but since when does he LIKE apples?

The episode is a stand alone but it’s leading into his death so I do think they set up some clues for us along the way.

Anyway…speaking of crazy British happenings Lush has a dry shampoo now. I swear I’ll never understand the idea of a dry shampoo!



Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence Review, Swatches, Photos

So whatcha think of True Blood’s Season Finale? Or better yet this year’s season?

Personally, they jumped the gun so damn much it’s not even funny….

But hey, if nothing at all, that was an entertaining Summer.

I gotta admit Marcus Bozeman had such potential until Alcide crushed him. Did he have a little bit of sexy going on or am I just weird?

*shrug* Seems hawt to me.

Speaking of all good things True Blood anyone haul the Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence?



Bath & Body Works Spook-tacular Bag

Get a Bath & Body Works Spook-tacular Bag for $15 with any $20 purchase using promo code SPOOKY at www.bathandbodyworks.com


  • Trick, Treat and Be Scary Tote
  • Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Sour Drop
  • Bath and Body Works Mini Body Lotion Black Candy Apple
  • Mini Candle Spider Cidder
  • Bath and Body Works Pocketbac with Pocketbac holder
  • Bath and Body Works Forbidden Apple Liplicious Lip Gloss

Pretty cute right?

Is it terribly strange I want it for the tote only?