Stila Find Your Magic Palette Holiday 2010

Stila released its Holiday 2011 Collection late last week but they didn’t include the new Stila Find Your Magic Palette.

Look closely? See it at the end of this promo image?

Beach Girls may be over but expect to see a new palette (hopefully with a budget price tag) for Holiday 2011 from the brand.

What shades would you like to see inside of it?

What price range?

Share it!


Benefit Watt’s Up!

Watt’s up!? Get it? Watt? Like a light or a highlighter!

I crack myself up.

Well, not really, credit for that wing-dinger goes to Benefit and their new Watt’s Up Highlighter coming atcha in October.

Beaut.Ie shares with us today Benefit Watt’s Up! which will be launching in the UK come October. This is a sheer champagne cream to powder highlighter with a rounded soft sponge applicator.

Love that packaging!

No word when it’ll hit our market but I imagine soon!

What do you think?

Will you indulge?


Review: Seikisho Mask White for Removing Skin, Hair, & Clogged Pores

No joke on that title…

Anyone who’s ever used the Seikisho Mask White knows that exact feeling when you first yank that bad boy off your face. It not only pulls away gross ick from your pores but it’ll also take hair and skin along with it. I’m thinking it would make an ideal pick for bikini waxes…! Kiddin’, kiddin’!

Ouch dude, ouch!

But it’s the best thing in the world for those with clogged pores!



Beauty Most Unusual: Designer Beaver

Today’s Beauty Most Unusual is brought to you by Amanda Palmer as she was playing with her…ahem….Designer Beaver today (she tweeted a great piccie of it) and I thought two things, “whoa! Beauty Most Unusual fun for the whole family!” and “Is she seriously married to Gaiman and do they play Designer Beaver together?”

Was that too weird?



Ultraflesh Tinted Moisturizer

I’m thinking even if I invest in some Ultraflesh Tinted Moisturizer and it turned out bad, I can use the awesome packaging regardless. You know, run around the yard, scream “TAKE NO PRISONERS! TAKE COVER!” and proceed to throw it, role play a little Call of Duty action, believe me, I’ve done weirder shiz.

You gotta love that hand grenade style packaging they got going on here…innovative packaging people, innovative!