Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Duo

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Duo 2011

It’s a fact that we simply do NOT get any of the fun stuff in our drugstores.


Jeepers, we miss out on all the brilliant releases.

In 2009, Maybelline stepped up its game in a major way and introduced products like the Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow Duos and I am so hoping that the new Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Duo Palettes will launch here soon in the US. These are so pretty and are currently available within Europe (and Asia but a different variation).

Take a look!


Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Summer Collection 2011

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Summer 2011 111

Damn you Victoria’s Secret and your Beauty Rush Double Mists!

Victoria’s Secret has updated their Beauty Rush Collection to feature some new, well, more than some, Beauty Rush products. Now you may recognize one or two of these scents so I assume they are either releasing the old scents as part of a new collection or just embracing new packaging for the line.

Either way, I hate Double Mists but man I’m so tempted to indulge in some of the newer scents as they call them “Fragrance Mists” now so I HOPE that means they reformulated as I’ll be every so excited if they did however looking at the bottles from here they still look very much like a Double Mist, dontcha agree?

Check it!


NP Set It Takes Two Concealer and Foundation Pot

NP Set It Takes Two Concealer and Foundation Pot

It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it out of sight.

Indeed, two products, concealer and foundation, to make your face look out of sight! Both essential, both very important so why shouldn’t they be housed together in one place for easy storage, travel, and just because I said they should be ha!

NP Set It Takes Two Concealer and Foundation Pot is a new way to apply your face in the morning.

Check it!


Musings Woe


Hey Guys!

Hopefully you haven’t experienced too many issues today with Musings. I just recently moved from a VPS to a Dedicated Server a few hiccups have come along with the move. I also recently switched from WP Cache to Total Cache which I feel speeds up loading time however I’m still experiencing alot of lag on my side of the blog world aka behind the WordPress’ Dashboard and you’re probably having the same laggy loading times or even 503’s here and there.

I’m really sorry about that.

Hopefully I’ll have everything ironed out shortly.

Thanks for your patience!



NARS Summer 2011

NARS Summer 2011 11

NARS Summer 2011 “boasts bright colors reminiscent of the tropics. Neon orange gives an unexpected pop of color along with bright white, coral and cantaloupe. The highlight, Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow, fuses three cool-toned variations of teal for an effortless day-to-evening transition.”

They had me at coral and cantaloupe….