Ultraflesh Perfect Reds and Perfect Pinks 6 Piece Set

Hard to believe Ultraflesh started out its brand life with a single mascara…

Flash forward a few months and they have been adding more and more pieces to their collection.

The new Ultra Perfect Lipstick 6 Piece Sets might just be one that makes a guest starring appearance on your Holiday wish list!



Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Lip Set

The Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Lip Set honors Breast Cancer Awareness month with this two piece, limited edition set.

Each set features a Pink Lip Color and a Bellini High Shimmer Lipgloss which can be worn together or individually.

The set is $44, $10 of which is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to preventing breast cancer by funding clinical and translational research worldwide.

Available now at Nordstrom.com


L’Oreal Project Runway Collection L’Oreal Colors Take Flight Collection for Fall 2011

The new L’Oreal Project Runway Collection aka L’Oreal Colors Take Flight Collection for Fall 2011 is in drugstores. I came across a few displays but all were picked over rather badly….as in nada left to really indulge in!

Take a peek!


Technical Difficulties

Sorry, having one of those days on Musings today. Apologies. I recently moved boxes but it hasn’t really helped the problem. I’m running into too many processes at one time which is causing the server to crash. The mystery is what the processes are…plugins? Reader load?

Total mystery…

If you’re getting Bad Gateway errors, I’m really super sorry, just check back as I’m working on the issue for sure!

In other news lurve killed the Cybermen….maybe that’s what’s killing my server? Shrug…maybe the Moff is getting as sentimental as RTD.

Hope you all had a fab weekend and are enjoying all the new drugstore coverage today!


Revlon Expressionists Gucci Westman for Revlon for Fall 2011

Revlon Expressionists Collection for Fall 2011 is a collection that was collaborated with Gucci Westman. It’s also the introduction of the new Revlon Diamond Lust Eyeshadows which I’ve kinda fallen in love with.

Take a peek!