Clinique Black Honey Shimmering Tones Powder


Listen close.

The Clinique Black Honey Collection is getting a big fat yay for Fall. Have you hauled it yet?

Was it a yay for you or a nay?

If it was a yay you’ll want to indulge in a brand new piece of the collection available exclusively at Sephora, take the jump to find out what it is.



UltraFlesh Ninja Star Compact

As a geek you probably have two ambitions in life when you grow up (even when you’re already grown up you still strive for these goals)….

You either wanna be a ninja or you wanna be a pirate, as a geek these career choices are built into your genetic makeup.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, you wanna be both.

I personally strive to be the best pirate I can be but you may be a ninja and that’s entirely cool. As a ninja you do need certain makeup gear such as the UltraFlesh Ninja Star Compact.

Ninjas need Ninja Star Compacts, that’s a given.



Musings of the Day: Old Wives’ Tales

My mum has SO many crazy notions that you can chalk up as all Old Wives’ Tales.

She should watch the video above of these pizza face slapping girls because according to her eating pizza causes pimples imagine slapping yourself in the face with a slice a few times? You’d develop chicken pox or something insane like that if it was my mum telling you about it!



tarte Maracuja Brightening Cheek Tint with Vitamin C

Join QVC for its largest beauty event of the year, Beauty’s Best! Beginning August 26 at 10 PM (ET) and all day August 27, this is a 26-hour beauty event.

Throughout the day there will be some brand new launches offered at great values one of which is new the new tarte Maracuja Brightening Cheek Tint with Vitamin C. I don’t have official details for the product yet but it looks like Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Color Stick doesn’t it?

This will be $25, Item# A218043 on

You can watch Tarte Beauty’s Presentation at 12 Noon on August 27th, 2011.

I’m looking forward to checking this one out!


Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Eyeliner Review

Hard Candy has a brand new felt tip liquid eyeliner available in three shades with its Fall Collection.

I personally suck at liquid lining. I dream of the day I can work a cat eye like Dita Von Teese or at least apply one like her. Gorgeous!

There’s a little something that sets Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Eyeliner apart from other liners of its kind though.

Take the jump to find out.