Tarte For True Blood Collection Tarte Cosmetics True Blood Collection

Grrr I’m on so many teams this year.

Go Team Lala! Go Team Alcide! Go Team Eric! Go Team Pam!

Damn, I’m exhausted….and Go Team Edward come November.

Oh don’t forget Team bloody Matt Smith, go on my son! You’re doing the Doctor good!

Let’s keep it to True Blood Teams for now though! What do you think of Lala sportin’ that very fine ‘hawk? Loves! I just caught up on Episode 1 and 2 of the new season so I’m kinda hyped for more.



Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels & Bath and Body Works PocketBac Donuts Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels

I rarely eat brekkie or lunch but I think I’ll start packing my bento box again and include some of the new Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels!

So cute!

And for dessert I can go with their new Donuts Collection!

I’m not really tired of PocketBacs yet so I had to share and squeal!



Victoria’s Secret Luminous Mineral Blush Duo

Dude, we are almost over the hump!

Dontcha love short weeks?

So we just dance to get through the day!

*wriggles* Happy Hump Day!

Let’s celebrate with a new Victoria’s Secret Blush!

Check it!


Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss Review, Swatches, Photos

You have to give Etude House props for its great Engrish naming of products. It’s new Aloha Two Two Kiss is so damn original, heavy sarcasm. But Lord knows, I absolutely love them for those cute names that just don’t quite translate correctly in English….!

As you know from a few of my prior posts Korean brand, Etude House took to Hawaii this year for its Summer Collection.

Here’s a look at the Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss Tints.



I Have a Feeling Urban Decay Fall 2011 is Coming….

You’re probably all spending your hard earned money at the moment on Urban Decay since it’s that special time of the year again….

25% Off Friends and Family! Ahhhh!

But I have a feeling this is UD’s best marketing ploy as you’ll be dishing out for this sale and dishing out shortly for Fall 2011.

A most excellent way to get you to spend money double time so remember kids, save some $$ for Urban Decay Fall 2011 as I suspect it’ll be coming around the mountain shortly after the Friends and Family event ends.

What do you think we can expect from UD Fall 2011?

Anything you’d really love from the brand?

Share it!