Maybelline Fashion Week Collection for Fall 2011

Maybelline Fashion Week Collection for Fall 2011 might be one to check into your next trip the drugstore. This collection includes a range of various LE products but one thing that stood out was the new baked blushes…granted, not that exciting, but…they have a red shade (fuzzy photo sorry, taking pics at the drugstore is incredibly difficult as employees get mighty pissy) that’s VERY much a spot on dupe for the bright red shade of Chanel Jouse Contraste Rouge from the Byzance Collection.


L’Oreal Color of Hope Collection for Fall 2011

I normally indulge in at least one or two items from the L’Oreal Color of Hope Collection as it’s not only for a great causes but they also have some great products in the mix.

This year the quads look rather nicely. Sadly, most of it was picked over at my drugstore but at least you can take a little peek and the shadows.


Maybelline Scene on the Runway Express Finish Nail Color

Maybelline Scene on the Runway Express Finish Nail Color is a selection of new shades of 50 second drying nail colors that are will be used during Fall 2011 Fashion Week. There about 8 or 10 shades and each ranges around $2.99 each.


Maybelline Color Sensational The Jewels Lipstick Collection

Maybelline Color Sensational has a new collection of lipsticks entitled The Jewels. This is a limited collection of six shades of lipstick in bolder color pay offs.

Personally, outside of the bolder shades, it’s not really all that special. Or at least I feel that way. Maybelline Color Sensational is one of the greatest lipstick lines at the drugstore with so much variety but the formula simply isn’t up to par in my opinion so I fail to get excited when they release LE shade selections. The colors all looked amazing, the promo image equally amazing, the formula remains the same….meh.

But if you’re a fan this display is available currently at drugstores.


Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup Collection

Here’s the latest base collection from Neutrogena.

Netrogena Skin Clearing Makeup Collection not only promises flawless coverage but also acne fighting medication built right in so it clears skin as it covers. The collection consists of concealer, powder, and a liquid foundation.

Available now at drugstores.