Kawaii Beauty: Ring Pop Lipglosses

My immaturity demands I purchase Ring Pop Lipglosses.


I never, ever claimed I was mature people. Far from it.



Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Marshmallow Review

Apparently when the Zombie Apocalypse comes you should have marshmallow something in your Zombie Survival Kit or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from Bath and Body Works.

I figure some Fluff and a Pocketbac or two might be the cure to the T-Virus or if you’re bitten, smear some Fluff on your arm….hmm..be careful that might actual tempt the Zombies further.

Anyway, ’bout marshmallows…!



Whoa! Benefit Cosmetics 20% Off Today Only!

Friends of Benefit Cosmetics (Facebook ’em peeps) got a special surprise today with an offer of 20% Off today ONLY!

Benefit does not do alot of discounts so this one is a biggie guys.

Best news of all? The newly designed Benefit Cosmetics website with its whimsical template you’re sure to have a blast rediscovering the site as it’s easier to navigate and has that Benefit “vintage” feel!


You NEED these products:

Use promo code SOPOPULAR at check out and get 20% Off your total purchase. Grab $50 in goodies and enjoy Free Shipping too!

Shop it now at www.benefitcosmetics.com

Happy Haulin’!

Post what you get in my comment box, curious minds!


Philosophy The AfterGlow Oil-Free Smoothing Gel

Alot of brands are jumping on board with oils lately. Josie Maran, Tarte, etc…just to name a few all have oil products for getting skin soft and smooth.

Of course, these are ideal for dry folks like myself plus with the long, harsh winter looming ahead in the distance, I’m always up for dragging these out to get my skin hydrated again!

Philosophy The AfterGlow Oil-Free Smoothing Gel isn’t an oil but this gel, oil-free product promises to revitalize skin by improving its clarity and texture. It promises not to clog pores either!

Count me curious!

Available now from philosophy.com

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Would You Buy It? Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV

To a great roar over the land of makeup Urban Decay has released its fourth Book of Shadows. The roar is deafening if you happen to be a hardcore fan.

I’m a fan and lover of Urban Decay for many, many years. It was my first official “high end” makeup.

But do I need another Book of Shadows?

Do you?