MAC Semi Precious

MAC Semi Precious Collection launches on July 7th.

Are you in?

I’m a ickle burnt out on ye olde’ baked formula but this might get my blood pumping again!

Here are a few images and deets for the collection!


11 is a Go! Matt Smith Confirmed for 2012 Doctor Who Season

Non Cosmetic Musings ahead…

I haven’t been keeping up with SJA so hadn’t realized that MS had a cross over on a recent eppy…where the hell was I?

But honestly SJA was a bit too naff for me, heck even my geeky side thought so.

Anyway….in a faithful episode, our 11th decided to throw fandom to the wind and announced he could regenerate 507 times. A single number blew 30 years of myth out of the water. 507? What the bloody hell…507 times?

And in other news the BBC throws Who history and tradition out the window in place of marketing and cashing in on a franchise.

I refuse to believe the Doctor can regenerate 507 times for crumbs sake.

Fact is the Doctor’s running out of regeneration periods although there has been clauses in some cases where he “regenerated”, loosely using the term there, and still managed to stay the same…Time Lord’s can only regenerate 12 times (thirteen incarnations in all) don’t listen to what Moffat tells you.

On that note I’ll spread the cheer that Matt Smith is confirmed to return as the Doctor for 14 more episodes in 2012. Yay!

Will Pond return? That remains to be seen…


WTH? Still? Hello DuWop Sirena Collection Can You Make It To My Makeup Stash This Summer?

I are still waiting patiently….

See you soon?

k, thanks!

P.S. I’m kinda over Jack at the moment and onto Harry Potter, The Green Lantern, and True Blood…let’s speed this up before I lose interest completely!



My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Cleanser Review

This is just a follow up post as I already reviewed the My Beauty Diary Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser and honestly, the Strawberry Yogurt version isn’t much different but I did want to give you a few details about it regardless.

Have a jump!


Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Collection Too Faced Fall Collection 2011

Oh stop it…

Whatever happened to the days of old when we didn’t hear about Fall Collections until late July?

Forget that shiz.

Fall 2011 is here and the first to serve it officially up is Too Faced Cosmetics with the new Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Collection for Fall 2011.


Ok, we’ll take Fall.