Philosophy Hope In A Tinted Moisturizer

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Hope in a Jar smells like wet dog and worst, I used it for a long time, trying oh so hard to tolerate that awful smell.

Let’s hope the new Philosophy Hope In A Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t sport that scent because I’ll be run in the opposite direction if it does!


Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow Spring 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow for Holiday 2010 was a little bit of a preview of what was to come for Spring.

These shadows were a new hybrid texture which is a cross between a powder and a cream that acts as a long lasting color film on eyes. According to Armani the formula is composed of an unprecedented association between binder elements and pearls that creates an exceptional luminosity depth and intensity of the eye color. The shadows can be applied dry or wet to obtain satin to lacquer effects. Plus a formula that has a twenty four hour wear time and is waterproof and sweat-proof and removes easily.

The colors for Holiday were a marble mix effect that blended black with chases of gold, silver, and bronze. It was a gorgeous selection to say the least.

Flash forward to Spring 2011 and the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow mimics that of these shadows.

Take a look!


Lola Mirage Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

Dear Lola,

I once knew a showgirl with the same name, ha small world eh? I so wasn’t into your Masquerade Foundation but props for awesome packaging girl!

I will say I’m digging your concealer!

So brill! Loves it hard.

Talk soon!

the Muse



Josie Maran Double Ended Magic Marker Argan Oil Infused Lip Stain

Josie Maran had a seance and she channeled Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm for her new Magic Marker Argan Oil Infused Lip Stain (seance dramatized for comedic value)

Channeling lip stain and lip balm, come in stain and balm, come in.




Musings Poll: Want More Holiday 2010?

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all well and had a wonderful Holiday weekend. Hopefully Santa was good to you. I had a quick poll (stop by my blog to participate if you’re reading in RSS) that I hope you’ll join in on.

I was looking through my stash and I have ALOT of Holiday to still review. I was curious if you’d like to see these reviews or shall we start in on Spring 2011? I think it might benefit you if I do review as many of the items are on sale so if you’re still deciding whether you want to indulge this might be helpful.

Whatcha think?

Do take the poll and let me know.