Lush Angel’s Delight Soap Review, Photos

Lush Angels Delight Soap 2

Angel’s Delight Soap is pretty much around 365 days of the year. Thankful for small favors here as I love it. However, Lush tends to really pimp it up around the Holidays, not sure why though.


Since Lush goes all out marketing with this particularly Soap around Christmas, it suddenly has become, for me, commonly associated with that time of the year.

Funny as it doesn’t smell Christmas-y or Holiday-like but it still ends up in my shower stall in the Winter time.



Bath and Body Works Winter 2010 Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

Bath and Body Works Winter 2010 Anti Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

Ok, so anti-bacterial soap gets me excited.


I blame Bath and Body Works for tempting me with it everywhere I look but I’m not complaining I like it!

So if you’re like me and for some odd as hell reason you get excited about hand soap you can jump ahead to check out the new scents. They have one called Vanilla Snap that sounds decadent!


Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush Review, Photos

Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush 1

Do I need a $30 Paddle Brush? Probably not but the Tokidoki Carezza Paddle Brush needed to be mine.

Totally a wacky purchase on my part.

Check it!


Sephora Friends and Family 2010 20% Off Your Entire Order

Sephora’s Friends and Family Event is ending soon! So if you haven’t hauled, get to it! You get 20% Off your entire order by using promo code FF2010. That’s a major savings on all luxury brands including ones such as Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, and more!

You have all weekend to plot, plan, and shop Sephora but make sure you save room for’s Friends and Family Event happening next week!

You can click below to shop!

Disclaimer: The above image contains an affiliate link which means I make a small commission from your purchase. You don’t have to use this link to indulge in the sale though but I do thank you if you do!


Purr by Katy Perry Fragrance

Purr by Katy Perry Fragrance 1

Well, I gotta admit, I love Katy Perry. Could be she’s guilty by association to Russell Brand which is why I love her so much but I’m thinking it’s just her overall look. She reminds me so much of a pin up girl and I have a super, soft, mushy spot for pin up girls!

Fact of the matter is I am terribly excited about the new Purr by Katy Perry Fragrance.

Yes, this is one celeb fragrance that’s topping my wishy list.