Urban Decay The Revolution High Performance Lash Curler Review

I’ve always loved all things makeup and beauty but I think my love has definitely run a little cooler in the last few years simply because my blog over exposes me to the world of beauty.

The thing is if you love to eat something…I dunno..say grilled chicken or anything…and you eat it every single day for a few years, chances are you’ll grow incredibly tired of it. You might still like it but your love for it will grow cooler.

I feel that way about beauty sometimes. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it gets a little boring and repetitive.

Which is why innovative, unique beauty finds are always welcome and that’s exactly what the new Urban Decay The Revolution High Performance Lash Curler has going for it. This is innovative beauty at its best and I was quite excited to try out the first cage free curler! Doing away with the bars on either side of their curler, Urban Decay has set out to make your curling experience a pinch-free one even though it looks like a torture device they promise a pain-free experience using it.

Does it work?

Check it out!


Sephora Brush Wand

I hate going on holiday and proceeding to have no control over myself and the amount of brushes I decide that I absolutely HAVE to have along with me on my adventures.


I end up packing 100’s of brushes that I know I don’t need but fear I’ll regret if I don’t take them with me. On top of this, no matter how careful I am about packing them they always somehow, someway end up getting squashed and smooshed.

Sephora Brush Wand….the solution?



Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadow Intense Color Singles

The more images I see of the new Too Faced Exotic Color Eye Shadow Intense Color Singles, the more hungry I become to own every single one.

These intense satin shadows have a highly pigmented formula and come in 12 hues. Updating their shadow line is long over due as far as I’m concerned and now that they finally have gotten around to doing it they did it in a BIG way.

Check out these high res images and tell me you aren’t in love or at the very least foaming at the mouth.



Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir

Kat Von D is on a roll for Fall 2011. Two new palettes, a new fragrance, and a new mascara are coming atcha this Fall. I was quite excited about the new palettes myself and of course, I’ll be smelling the new perfume when it becomes available at Sephora but Kat has a few more goodies to get excited about!

Check ’em!


Clinique Black Honey Collection Swatches

Here’s a little sneaky peek at swatches from the new Clinique Black Honey Collection.

Full review upcoming soon!