Lorac Box Office Hit Full Face Palette for Lorac Holiday 2010

Lorac Holiday 2010 Palette

Although we’ve discussed, drooled, and got hyped over the Lorac Holiday Collection 2010, I will say….

There’s MORE!

An exclusive Lorac Box Office Hit Full Face Palette has hit the Ulta air waves and it looks quite gorg although my eye is on the prize with the Lorac Box Office Sensation Train Case.

But let’s have a look see anyway, just in case we MIGHT, by some chance, need both!



Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Review and Swatches

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift 1

Dear Trish,

Thanks for making my eyes all bright, shiny, and new again!

Catch you for tea soon?

the Muse

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift is a simple little tool to brighten the under-eye area and smooth fine lines. It promises to fill fine lines, brighten you up, and give you an instant eye lift.

And it works too.

Happy Days!


Hard Candy Holiday/Winter 2010

Oooo my little eyes do so spy some new goodies from Hard Candy. They aren’t yet available at Walmart but I imagine within the next month or so you’ll see them.

Check it!

If you’re reading in RSS please visit my blog to see the slideshow embedded in this post.

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Cargo Lights of the World Palette Cargo Holiday Collection 2010

Cargo Lights of the World Palette 2010

Last year the Cargo Hands of Hope made an appearance on the Holiday scene and had alot of us quite excited. It was an edge-y, different release for Cargo and it was something many of us wanted to get our hands on.

Flash forward to present day and Cargo Holiday Collection 2010 includes a new Cargo Lights of the World Palette that mimics the look of Hands of Hope.

Check it!


NARS Bento Box

NARS Bento Box 2

Fun fact of the day, I find packing a Bento Box a super relaxing experience. I’m not much of a cooker (can barely boil water ahem…) but I go all out Martha Stewart when packing a Bento lunch. I used to do it in High School, did it daily in College, and on trips to my office I still pull out my collection Bento Boxes on occasion and pack myself a pretty lunch.

What’s better than an elegantly packaged Bento Box lunch? Why a NARS Bento Box of course.