Pumpkin Everything Including Memeboxes!

pumpkin pie memebox

I’m having a damn hard time saying no to the latest Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics Memebox! I think it will be mine!

This Memebox pays homage to Pumpkin Pie and contains all pumpkin-y ingredients in an array of skincare and makeup!

P.S. I happen to not really love Pumpkin Pie…is that bad? But I like the smell of pumpkin pie! And it is the season for pumpkin everything right? Plus I’m hoping for some orange blush, orange lipstick…totally can get on board with that!

Indulge at us.memebox.com for $23 (Each Memebox contains 4 to 8 full size Korean Beauty, Makeup, or Skincare items).


New Bath & Body Works Winter 2014 Hand Soaps

Bath Body Works Winter 2014 Hand Soaps

Winter is on the way they tell me and with it new Bath & Body Works Winter 2014 Hand Soaps! Iced Blackberries, Pumpkins in the Frost, Winter Cranberry, and more await you in the Winter 2014 Hand Soap Collection!

Take a peek!

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Attention Frozeneers! You Need These Loungefly Frozen Coin Purses

Loungefly Frozen Coin Bag Collection

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, major. And I’m more excited than you can imagine about the launch of the Loungefly Star Wars Collection but…..that’s neither here nor there! This is all about the Frozeneers out there. You know you are, you simply love Frozen, you can’t “Let It Go”…my sister comes to mind, she LOVES Frozen with a passion!

If you’re in that catagory might I recommend picking up these cute Frozen Leather Coin Bags for friends, family, your greedy self this Holiday season?


Mally Beauty Fearless Collection Review & Swatches

Mally Beauty Fearless Collection Review Swatches1

The new Mally Beauty Fearless Collection and Tote is a new QVC Collection that features six full size Mally Beauty makeup products housed in a very cute tote! My sister was looking this over yesterday and ended up ordering two for Holiday gifts.

It’s a really nice set as it’s a great intro to Mally makeup products or an easy way to replenish some of your favs plus it’ll only set you back $50 which rounds out each product inside to a mere $10 bucks before shipping!


Memebox Time On My Lip Liquid Lip Stain Review & Swatches

Memebox Time On My Lip

Memebox Time On My Lip Liquid Lip Stain is a new lip stain, slash gloss, slash lipstick all in one. This hybrid formula was created by Memebox for Memebox lovers! Memebox brings us the latest and greatest in Korean Beauty but it sure is nice that they are now creating their own makeup products as well.

Memebox Time On My Lip launched today on Memebox’s site and I have the swatches and review you might need in case you wish to indulge!