Beauty Abroad: Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask Review

Ok, so I’m woman enough to admit I like to pick stuff, peel stuff, and pop stuff. Pop pimples, on that. Pick my nose? No, never but scabs? Aw heck yes! Peel? Sure, give me dead skin, sunburned skin, whatever you got and I’ll peel it. Yes, I am guilty of all this stuff. God…don’t sit there and lie saying you don’t enjoy doing this too. You don’t want us thinking how terribly dishonest you are because you won’t admit you relish the idea of picking that scab off your knee when you fell on the ice last week and scratched yourself.

My best friend once told me that he enjoys popping his boyfriend’s pimples…I just wanna get it out there that I do NOT love the idea of peeling, popping, or picking stuff from other people’s bodies however I have no such problems doing it to myself. Needless to say I never held Jai’s hand again after hearing he pops Mattie’s pimples, ew…not cool!

Anyway…I’m bringing this all up because of a cool peel mask I recently got.

Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask 4

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mark Summer Collection 2010: mark Please Hold Eye Primer

mark Summer Collection 2010 14

Hey chicks!

Did you know Benefit Lemon Aid is a beauty gift from the gods above? Tis true, bestest stuff ever. However, it’ll set you back a pretty penny…but no worries the beauty gods understand all about recession proofing your beauty regime and sent a replacement along with the new mark Please Hold Eye Primer coming atcha this Summer.


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Musings of the Day: What Weird, Crazy Stuff Have You Done in the Name of Beauty?

crazy beauty

Dude! Some chick caused a car crash while shaving her bikini area…for serious! What do you think I make this stuff up?

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It’s all in the name of beauty…beauty makes us do some wild and crazy stuff doesn’t it? Like shave our pubes while driving a car down Route 55!

What’s the weirdest, craziest thing you’ve done in the name of beauty?

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The Muse Loves…That Dude from The Old Spice Commercials

the Muse Loves

I love this….



Beauty News: Payless Shoes Cosmetics

Payless Shoes Beauty

For the record the Muse promises that stranger things have happened than the fact that Payless Shoes is entering the realms of cosmetics.

Yes, you read that right. Think, Payless Shoes Cosmetics. Are you shivering with anticipation yet? I’m not but no worries you might be able to convince me this could be a good thing.