Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation

Prepare yourself for playing a little mad scientist with the new Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation, my geeky good nature Muse Approves the helix design . Stila takes it’s popular helix design that you may remember from its One Step Bronze and One Step Correct Primer and uses it for it’s new Perfect & Correct Foundation.


mark Ibiza Sol Marbleized Lip Glosses Review Swatches

Are you beauty budget Summer surfing already? Trying to locate the most bang for your beauty buck without overspending because you wanna splurge on a nice Summer vacation to the Jersey Shore with Snooki.


Imagine if that was true?

God help us all.

I’m spending part of my Spring and hopefully part of my Summer with RJ Berger, if I have to watch MTV for entertainment value, I choose the geek not the orange one.

Tuck into mark Ibiza Sol Marbleized Lip Glosses for nine bucks so you have some extra change to spend on a slice and a soda for Snooki.



20 Treasures from Sephora for $10 and Under!

Here are 20 little treasures that you can get from Sephora for as little as $10 and under!


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SinCare: Are You A Skincare Sinner?

Not drinking enough water? Smoking? Going without SPF? Not washing your makeup off at night?


Well, we all commit one sin or another against our skin in some shape or form, hell, some of commit more than one, for shame.

Sincare calls us out on our deadly skin sins and gives us a way to correct our skin in the form of a booster serum that you can use prior to moisturizing to enhance your skin and erase the signs of aging, that second cocktail you had during the weekend, or the stress of a long day.

Let’s check out the eight skin sins you may be comitting and the eight ways that Sincare promises to help you!


Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream Review

Mourning the lost of Benefit Eyecon? I wish I could comfort you but I never actually tried it so I’m not really sure what I’m missing.

No worries, I hear Benefit B.Right It’s Potent! Eye Cream is the perfect replacement!

Check it!