Musings of the Day: Put It On Ice! Makeup Fridge!

Makeup Fridge

A long time ago in a land not so far away, I fell in love with Lush but like all good fairy tales, evil lurked around the corner. As fabulous as Lush skincare is, much of it needs to remain fresh, particularly the face masks. So you have to kinda go the extra mile with storage of your Lush…..could prove irritating for some or not a big deal for others. Lush Fresh Facial Masks have to be stored in your fridge and heck in some cases many cosmetic items should be put on ice really to keep them fresh particularly those purchased at Lush.

If you live with a boy chances are you aren’t wanting to store your Lush in your fridge for fear he’ll walk into the living room, munching on it, and proceed to tell you what an incredible cook you are. Horror!

Which brings me to today’s Musings….

Do you store your makeup or skincare in the fridge along with your yogurt and stale bread?

What sort of cosmetics are in your fridge?

Do I store mine in the fridge?



Stila The Color of Innovation: Stila Fall Collection 2010

Stila Fall 2010

Mmmm after my rant on color changing lipgloss yesterday, I find it rather fitting and ironic that the Stila Fall Collection 2010 includes a “perfect shade of pink” blush. Hmmm….I’m feeling suddenly very deja vu-ish (is that a word? No? Well count it as one now!).



Milani Baked Bronzer, Milani HD Advanced Color Lip Color, and Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Gloss Pencil: New In Beauty

Milani Cosmetics


I hit up the drugstore yesterday to see what I missed while I was away and was surprised to see some new offerings from Milani. It could be considered Milani Fall 2010 in some ways but since it includes bronzer maybe we should consider it a bit of Summer? Whatcha think?

Anyone see the new selections?


No problem-o, I took piccies!

Wanna see?



Gossip Girl Nicole by OPI Collection: Yay or Nay

Gossip Girl Nicole by OPI Chuck Bass

Spotted, Upper Eastenders wearing Gossip Girl inspired nail polish by OPI.

Do we really need nail polish inspired by Gossip Girl?  Probably not but the novelty is too much for my feeble little mind to not enjoy plus I want to be the one that names these suckers.  I’d name ‘em, “I’ve been Chuck Bass’ed” and stuff like that because hey I wanna be Chucked Bass’ed, who doesn’t?

Gossip Girl Nail Collection?

Yay or Nay?



MAC Fabulous Felines Collection Palace Pedigreed Photos, Release Info, Face Chart

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection Palace Pedigreed 8

Ahhhh I’m kinda sad because we are at the end of our trip through the MAC Fabulous Felines Collection. Sniff! We explored Burmese Beauty which I liked, particularly the greens! And we looked through Leopard Luxe, which appears to be a fav for me at the moment, and now the last of the three Palace Pedigreed, which my wallet is thankful for since this one appeals the least out of the three.

Check it!