Napoleon Perdis DéVine Goddess Collection

Napoleon Perdis DéVine Goddess Collection 21

Can you believe Mother’s Day is a week and a half away? I need to get myself together and see about getting my dear old mum a lovely gift. Mind you, get this, she isn’t a makeup person AT ALL. GASP! I know right? Maybe I was adopted! I can’t honestly be related to this woman.

Hopefully your mum is nothing like mine.

If she does love beautiful makeup you might want to check out the new Napoleon Perdis DéVine Goddess Collection.



One Bath and Body Review: One Shampoo Bar Review At Target One Solid Conditioner Review

One Bath and Body One Shampoo Bar 1

Hey chicklets!

Anyone see the new One Bath and Body display at Target? I seen it mmmm way back in February and picked up a few items but I’ve just been to crazy to get the review live.

Finally….here I am ready to discuss it.

Today I thought I’d bring you a review of the One Shampoo Bars.



Margarita Bloom 30% Off Coupon Code

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Jouer Spring/Summer 2010 Collection: Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15

Jourer Lip Sheer 12

Dude, Jourer breaks out of it’s mold, literally, with a new lip sheer! Oh joy the trend of slim line, subtle lip shimmers continues with the new Jourer Lip Sheer.

Check it!


Beauty on a Budget: Jesse’s Girl Lip Juice Strawberry Review and Swatches

Jesses Girl Lip Juice Strawberry 1

I gotta say naming a product “Lip Juice” kinda grosses me out, oh god the traumatizing childhood memories!

Gross story time.

When I was in the 7th Grade I went to a really tiny private Catholic School (ironically I’m agnostic, blame my parents for my their crazy education plans for me), we had like 9 kids in our graduating class, crazy right? Anyway, it was only 3 girls about 6 guys one of which was named John. John was gay and hung out with the chicks in our class at all times. He had a pretty full set of silver in his mouth (braces) and was REALLY animated when he chatted it up with us. Moral of the story he let the spit fly and we got treated to a nice shower during our conversations. Ha! We started calling him lip juice, no worries was all in good fun because actually, to this day, I still talk to John we even went to college together and took alot of the same classes….best part? I still call him lip juice on occasion when he’s being annoying.

Somethings you never live down.

Anyway…’bout that Jesse’s Girl Lip Juice….if you take the gross factor out you might have a nice little beauty budget piece on your hands!

Check it!