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Oh a crummy, cold Monday morning the Muse is getting her fix of all things beautiful at the Tarina Tarantino Beauty Website.

The Muse Loves It!



Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Collection 2010

The Victoria’s Secret Pink Cosmetic Collection gets two new introductions for Spring 2010.

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Pretty & Pure Mega Pink Lip Balm SPF 15 ($7)


  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Pink Berry
  • Pink Lemonade

Victorias Secret Pink Spring Collection 2010 2

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Pretty Glow Pink Face & Body Bronzer ($15)

Victorias Secret Pink Spring Collection 2010 1

I like how Victoria’s Secret has taken this line and made it into a secondary Beauty Rush Collection. They are really pimping up the smaller cosmetic collections pieces lately. These particularly items don’t interest me but I’m always a big supporter of how many new things they bring out each year.

Whatcha think?

Feel free to share it!


New in Beauty: Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion and Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Shower Gel

Mmm a little something new from Philosophy!

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion ($24) and Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Shower Gel ($16) is infused with the fresh scent of wild blackberry blossoms!

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom 2

Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom 1

Not sure yet but looks interestin’ enough but question is will it be fruit and sweet or perhaps floral?

Either always delightful to see something new pop up for Philosophy for Spring!

What do you think?

Available now at Nordstrom.


Beauty News: Sephora TokiDoki Cosmetic Collaboration

Sephora TokiDoki Cosmetic Collection 2

Oh Sephora you so need to stop it. You’re gonna make me plum broke! First Kat Von D, now Tarina Tarantino, and a future collaboration with TokiDoki!?!

Oh stop!

Loves it!



Lush Colour Supplement

Lush Colour Supplements 42

I find it incredibly interesting that with B Never’s demise, Lush has taken to 1. revamping B products and offering them as Lush items (hello lip scrubs) and 2. Migrating a few color cosmetics into their normal range of skincare and bath and body goodness.

Is Lush evolving into your one stop shop for not only skin goodies but also make up? Are they testing the waters to see how vegan makeup might take off? Are they simply combining two great companies into one Dark Empire?

Count me curious!