Not So Sparkly: Trish McEvoy The All About The Eyes Collection

Trish McEvoy The All About The Eyes Collection

The new Trish McEvoy The All About The Eyes Collection has me every so slightly puzzled. After a brief trip to my local counter count me even more confused than when I started out.

The new collection features a few new shadows with the promise of sparkle and shimmer but are so very subdued and are even part of the general catalog?

Count me confuddled!



Long Wearing Concealer: Maybelline Super Stay Concealer Review

When you’re a beauty junkie you’re almost always guaranteed to run across one or many products that promise you the world. Flawless skin, perfect skin, enhanced, HD ready skin, smooth finishes, moisturizing formulas, and one of my personal favs, long wearing formulas.

I can always refresh my lipstick and lipgloss. It doesn’t bother me in the least to re-apply. Granted I’d love something that didn’t only wear long but also wore all day but it’s not irritating doing a re-ap of my lip products.

My eyeshadow is virtually bullet proof thanks to Urban Decay Primer Potion so really I don’t need to bother myself with it at all.

Mmm blush normally sticks around well enough however like lipstick or gloss I’d love for it to stay all day but again I’m not bothered in the least.

My pet peeves?

Concealer and foundation. If I can find myself a concealer and a foundation that wears ALL day without moving, migrating, fading, or oxidizing I’d be a happy Muse indeed.

Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer 1

Jump ahead to hear my latest find for stupid long wearing concealer.


Beauty on a Budget: Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush Review

You’re simply gagging to own a MAC 224 so you can get in on all that window wiping motion blending that everyone else is up on. But…you really can’t afford to shell out $28 bucks GASP!

Now what?

You get yourself a Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush for $3.99 at Target and call it a day dude.

Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush 1



Latest Obsession: H20+ Oasis Mist

Ok, I’ll be the first one to admit I have way too many facial mists in my beauty arsenal. Anyone? Raise your hand slowly, no reason to rush into your confession.

Do you hoard away facial mists? Denial is futile.

H20+ Oasis Mist 3

Jump for my latest facial mist find.


New in Beauty: Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Who better than the pioneers in the HD makeup world to create a new HD Blush.  Make Up For Ever HD Blush is the newest edition to the HD family of products from MUFE and it’s coming atcha soon.

What do you think?

Ready for the world of HD blush?

Not sure what I think. I’m not too keen on cream blush and even less so on a liquid form of blush. But we’ll see….could turn into something special!