Tarina Tarantino Special Edition Dollskin Powder Red and Yellow

Oh my little heart is a fluttering this morning!

I haven’t been interested in trying Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Powder but after seeing her new special edition version, well, I must have it!

Damn now I just have to decide between the red and yellow compacts….and that $150 price tag?!



Beauty Confessions: What’s the Most Embarressing Product Lurking in your Bathroom Cabinet?

I think I’m a hoarder. This morning I opened my bathroom closet and realized I simply have too much stuff. But guess what? I so don’t feel guilty about my awesome hoarding habits!

Bring it baby!

But I will admit I do have some shame in my game particularly two products that I use a fair bit and will SHOCK you when you hear what they are.

So confess, what’s the most embarrassing product lurking in your bathroom cabinet? on your vanity? or under your sink? You have to have at least one that you don’t wanna fess up to using.

Mine are…


Philosophy Candy Ribbons Shower Gel

Just what my Christmas wish list needed, Philosophy Candy Ribbons Shower Gel! With a ton of gifts to choose from this year, Philosophy Holiday 2010 really drains the wallet but if you’re just wanting to be a little selective about your purchases I do so recommend a bit of Candy Ribbon in your shower!

The cheerful sugary sweetness of Candy Ribbon is one of Philosophy’s more unique blends and it being around for only a limited time does probably tempt you to indulge.

Use it as a shower gel, in your warm Winter’s bath, or as a shampoo this upcoming season!

Available at Nordies.



Wet n Wild Holiday Collection 2010

Happy Holidays to the beauty budget shoppers out there! Well, season hasn’t really started yet but we can kick it off with the Wet n Wild Holiday Collection 2010.

Shall we have a lookiee?


Chanel Les Tentations de Chanel Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2010

Dude, the Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2010 is in stores already! Damn, that was fast. Can we has Fall first and than worry about the Holidays later?


All this Holiday stuff really isn’t doing me any favors in the currency department or the “enjoy my Fall” department either.

But hey, I’ll give up my Fall if I can experience the joys of a Chanel Holiday Collection early!

Check it!